Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss attacking McCain, denying terrorists attention and KCI redo

Not a puzzle

Just what President Donald Trump has against the late Sen. John McCain I guess no one knows for sure, but I think I and about 65 percent of the people (if not more by now) have a pretty good idea. (March 20, 15A, “Short take: The danger of ignoring Trump’s tweets”)

John Goldsmith

Napoleon, Mo.

Library helpers

On a recent Sunday afternoon at the Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch, we saw police and medical personnel helping a man who appeared to be in emotional distress. After some medical attention and offers to take him to the hospital, he said he was fine.

The police and medics showed great sensitivity and repeatedly told him to call them if he wanted to go to the hospital. I would also like to praise library staff members, one of whom offered the man something to eat and went to Chipotle to buy him a burrito.

Almost immediately after that, another library patron started yelling and cursing. After a young security guard got him to leave, the man charged back into the library and started pushing the guard.

The guard, other library personnel and some good Samaritans restrained the man until police arrived. We were very impressed by the efforts and kindness of all the library employees who dealt with the man. They were respectful and caring.

The library offers warmth and kindness to many of our homeless. The Plaza Branch is a wonderful resource for Kansas City, and terrific people work there.

Mary Mullins

Kansas City

Pre-K for kids

I support Mayor Sly James’ pre-kindergarten plan. As a concerned citizen who wants the best for all our children and yearns for justice in the metropolitan education landscape, I believe the time is right and ripe for making a transformational investment in the next generation of Kansas Citians.

The pre-K plan can result in tremendous benefits now and long into the future. Quality pre-K would provide Kansas City’s kids essential education during a critical time in their development and would ensure they will be ready to learn when they enter the K-12 system.

The future benefits are plentiful and life-changing: a better-prepared workforce, a strong return on an investment of $7 in savings for every $1 invested and brighter futures for us all.

A sales tax increase of just three-eighths of a cent can provide resources that will make a lasting, meaningful impact on our city.

We all need pre-K to be implemented now, but our kids need and deserve it the most. A time-honored quote is appropriate here: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Bob Hill

Minister emeritus

Community Christian


Kansas City

Ones to remember

I am totally behind New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s position not to name the white supremacist accused of killing 50 people at two mosques, or to describe the racist views in the manifesto he published online. (March 18, KansasCity.com, “NZ leader vows to ‘absolutely deny’ mosque gunman a platform”)

I don’t need to know the name or any of the so-called reasons for this cowardly act.

For a long time, whenever one of these attacks has happened and the media have reported on the supposed reasons and motives of these cowards, I have tuned it all out.

I prefer to know the victims and the valor of those who come forward to aid and to end the vicious acts.

I care about the valor of heroes. I couldn’t possibly care less about cowards.

Wes Durham

Kansas City

Yes, blame them

The Star’s editorial, “Don’t blame City Hall for the drama at KCI. Here’s who is really in charge,” left me dumbfounded. (March 6, 15A)

Neither the chair of the airport committee nor the mayor nor anyone on the City Council is taking responsibility for a process that is an embarrassment to our city. It began in secret and continues to change in completion date and price.

It has everyone in Kansas City wondering what is really going on with the project, and maybe more important, what is going on with its financing.

The chair of the airport committee and five other council members are running for mayor. Our next mayor needs to be accountable and transparent on the airport project and all the other projects and programs run by City Hall.

We need a mayor we can trust to communicate truthfully with the public, be responsible to the taxpayers and be accountable for the decisions being made — not blame the airlines or anyone outside of city government.

With this example, I don’t believe any of the current council members is the best choice for mayor. I encourage everyone to consider this when casting a vote in the April primary.

Sean Switzer

Kansas City