Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Kansas City trash collection and a Brexit solution for May

Trashy idea

Kansas City’s mayor and City Council are diverting our money from its intended purposes by not taking care of our streets. When the weather is good, they should perform timely repairs such as resurfacing pavement, picking up large trash items, disposing of brush and other debris from storms and so on.

Mayor Sly James wants us to vote for a sales tax to expand pre-kindergarten, and now the city will take over trash collection all over the city.

Whoa, wait a minute. We used to have contractors who plowed our snow, with inspectors from the city’s Stanley C. Palmer Engineering Center, and city residents were happy.

Nothing good happens when we depend on city crews. My street has still not gotten that slurry seal.

William A. Ingram

Kansas City

Build this wall?

According to a story Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May is having trouble getting the Brexit deal to pass, in part because of an unguarded border between the United Kingdom’s Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. (14A, “‘Backstop’ for Irish border stymies Brexit negotiators”)

I think I have a solution for May: Become obsessive and bombastic about building a wall between Ireland and Northern Ireland but justify it by claiming, however foolish it sounds, that Scotland will pay for it.

Does that sound ridiculous and impossible? Yes, Minister.

Cynthia Cassel

Overland Park