Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Catholic Church’s correct teachings and Trump’s trade deficit

A church matter

The Star’s editorial board is uninformed about Catholic marriage. The Catholic Church is not in the business of investigating parishioners’ marriages — nor their religions, divorces, remarriages, affairs, abortions or reproductive surgeries, unless a couple asks. (March 8, 10A, “JoCo Catholic school bans gay couple’s child. Straight parents don’t face the same scrutiny”)

Same-sex marriages are legal and public, but the church holds those unions do not conform with its teachings. The sacrament of matrimony blesses only a man and a woman, always allowing for the possibility of children within that sexual union.

In either case, being gay, openly or not, is irrelevant. As Pope Francis said, God loves gay people. What matters is choosing a same-sex marriage. Confronting the church with a lifestyle contrary to marriage between a man and a woman forces the church to reaffirm a bedrock doctrine, not unlike its objections to extramarital sex, abortion or the death penalty.

As usual, children deal with their parents’ decisions. They ask questions. Then grade school teachers face difficult explanations for very young students.

RoseAnn Vogt


To the bank?

President Donald Trump has long bragged that his policies would reduce America’s trade deficit, but the U.S. trade deficit rose to $891 billion last year, the highest in history. (March 7, 14A, “US trade deficit soars to $891 billion”)

The ballooning gap was exacerbated by the president’s tax cut and the trade war he escalated last year.

This is just another example of Trump’s broken promises. What happened to his slogan, “Promises made, promises kept”?

Jane Toliver