Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Hyperloop fantasies, KCI redo and farewell to Eric Barry

Local transit first

I know someone who wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a bus at 5:30 a.m., then catches another bus just to get to a job in North Kansas City. Before we dump money into the Hyperloop project between Kansas City and St. Louis, I wish our local leaders would redirect their focus and dollars into fixing transit gaps right here in the Kansas City area. (March 13, 1A, “Kansas City-St. Louis Hyperloop on a fast track? New panel to look for funding”)

If we can dramatically shorten a trip to St. Louis, then we can create a system for Independence or Blue Springs workers to get to their jobs in North Kansas City or the other side of the city in less than an hour.

Please fix Kansas City’s transit problems first.

Leilani Haywood


Greater needs

Perhaps rather than spending so much attention on Venezuela (and its oil), it would be to our advantage to concentrate on the small Central American countries from which the bulk of the immigrants at our borders come.

Working to solve problems in these areas would benefit all.

John Nelles


Something fishy

Tuesday’s “Off the Easel” editorial cartoon by Jack Ohman, depicting figures in President Donald Trump’s orbit as sea creatures, does a great disservice to the catfish. (7A)

Anna Merritt

Overland Park

No redo needed

You’ll be sorry. Kansas City is about to replace its airport terminal layout, which is among the best in the world for passengers who originate or terminate locally. Please reconsider.

I have negotiated airports all over the world, and Kansas City International Airport is hands down the best place to start and stop. Why? Just try to park near the terminal and get to your flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport or Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

A central terminal eliminates the convenience of parking nearby that we enjoy here. Does Kansas City expect to become an Atlanta- or Dallas-like hub? Not likely.

Voters were sold on the idea that the new terminal would cost taxpayers nothing and that the airlines would pay for the project, the cost of which was then estimated at $1 billion. That has swollen to $1.5 billion, including many millions in unpaid debt on the existing terminal.

Who still believes voters will not pay for this new terminal, one way or another? This is the last clear chance. The existing terminals make KCI perfect for the residents of Kansas City or anyone coming here. It’s not too late — until the existing terminals start turning into piles of rubble.

Thomas E. Ward II


Wishing well

I should have given former Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston the advice my grandfather gave me: “If you don’t want this to happen to you, don’t get old.” (March 14, 3B, “Veteran safety Eric Berry is released”)

Age and wage are the dual enemies of veteran players, and the Chiefs know how to use them against you. Thanks for all you gave us and good luck.

Gary Gall

Lee’s Summit

Give Chiefs time

As a passionate Chiefs fan, am I saddened and concerned about the departure of three defensive playmakers — Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Eric Berry? Heck yes I am.

Kansas City was an offside penalty away from perhaps its first Super Bowl appearance in 49 years. If that had happened, the Chiefs would probably not be gutting this defense. But reality is we gave up 37 points at home to New England in the AFC championship game.

Let’s be patient and have faith in the management and coaches to rebuild this defense. What do we have to lose, going from the 31st-ranked defense to the 32nd?

Greg Schoen

Overland Park

Statesmen’s action

I have been a vocal critic of our senators from Kansas and Missouri, and have written my own senators often. I would like to go on the record with a heartfelt thank you to Sens. Roy Blunt and Jerry Moran for their vote Thursday afternoon to block President Donald Trump from using emergency powers to construct a wall along the southern border. You put the value of our constitution above politics.

I am sorry that Sens. Josh Hawley and especially Pat Roberts could not do the same. It would have been a nice legacy for Roberts to remember that he was elected to make sure that we have three branches of government. But it’s time to stop the madness.

Kathie Allison

Kansas City