Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss disapproval and support for St. Ann Catholic School

St. Ann decision

As a member of St. Ann Catholic School’s class of 1962, I was interested in The Star’s story about the school denying a gay couple who wanted to enroll their child in kindergarten there. (March 7, 1A, “Petition asks Catholic school to rethink decision to bar same-sex couple’s child”)

Although I question why gay couples would want their children to attend a Catholic school where they would encounter bigoted attitudes, denying a child who “is a gift from God” (to quote the statement from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas) access to a school that includes spiritual formation in its curriculum seems inconsistent with Christian principles.

When I attended St. Ann, I had friends whose parents did not “model behaviors and attitudes regarding marriage and sexual morality consistent with essential components of the church’s teachings” (again quoting the archdiocese’s statement). Their children were not ostracized — and I am certain the church accepted the parents’ donations. Apparently, because their behavior was heterosexual, it was disregarded.

I hope the parents who were turned away in this incident have found a school where their child is welcomed and valued, as all children should be.

Mary Ann Weinand


St. Louis

I went to St. Ann Catholic School years ago, and I am thankful the archbishop is holding firm to our ancient and traditional beliefs. Let’s be clear here: Those who would use a child as their human shield to force their anti-Catholic politics onto the rest of us are the real haters. They hate the church, and they hate all who hold her beliefs. All the pretty “love” language cannot mask that fact.

Yet, interestingly, The Star is also carrying sympathetic stories of how pro-LGBT Methodists are threatening to leave the Methodist fold. So, why doesn’t The Star act evenhandedly and tell these Catholic haters they have the same option: Start your own church and teach your own kids. Or does The Star not believe in the constitutional freedom of association?

John Watkins


From what I learned at St. Ann Catholic School, Jesus never would have denied a child access to one of the best schools in the city because his parents didn’t “conform.” Especially during the Lenten season when we are all called to better ourselves, the church should reevaluate its decision.

Molly Pratt