Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss pothole city, packing groceries and KC dividing lines

Marks the spot

To borrow an old joke told in an Eastern European country I have visited many times:

A Kansas City man was driving a Frenchman around the city, and the potholes did not escape the visitor’s notice. The Frenchman said, “In France, we put small red flags near holes like that.”

The Kansas City man replied, “Didn’t you see the big red flag hanging over the city when you flew in?”

Bob Lager

Overland Park

Balanced loads

To all grocery store managers: It isn’t about packing fewer bags, but how much the bags you pack weigh.

Please distribute items so the bags can be carried without breaking. Rather than cramming everything into one bag, use two.

Thank you.

Stephanie Henry

Kansas City

Don’t divide

The Christopher S. Bond Bridge will always be the Paseo Bridge in my mind. Why they named the new bridge after such a political clown is beyond me.

Now, the debate lingers about renaming The Paseo after Martin Luther King Jr., God rest his soul. (March 3, 18A, “Not this again: Is yet another battle brewing over renaming The Paseo for MLK?”)

But if something should be renamed to honor King, it should be a street going east-west, not north-south. Please don’t make The Paseo the next Troost — another dividing line. We need unification and understanding.

David G. Smith

Kansas City