Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Interstate 435 trash and unheeded lessons from U.S. history

Trashy views

The land adjoining the north lanes of Interstate 435 in Johnson County is full of trash, old tires and assorted debris. It looks horrible.

The city of Leawood needs to take responsibility and get it cleaned up. This has become an embarrassment to the entire area.

My hope is that someone with some authority reads this and takes action to clean up this mess. I’m tired of the filth.

Tom Nolan Jr.


Not self-driving

As Virginians continue to sort through their elected officials’ mounting controversies, a recent report on NPR stated there are more than 1,000 — yes, 1,000 — bills on the commonwealth’s legislative docket. This left me with a discouraging question: Will we ever get it right?

Virginia, as one of the original colonies, has had a representative government for 240-some years, as well as the years preceding the Revolution. At some point, it would seem an effective government could essentially declare its work done.

Maybe there could be a few tweaks here and there, a bit of maintenance, but after centuries of deliberation, shouldn’t the law essentially be in place? Some oversight, hiring department heads and a few parades now and then should suffice.

Here in Kansouri it becomes ever clearer that over-meddling legislatures can wreak unnecessary havoc. Sigh.

We must, however, persist.

Corey Simmonds

Roeland Park