Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss lying liars, Farm Bureau insurance and LGBT church bullies

Where we are

Another bad day for President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

First, his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified before Congress that his boss for more than 10 years is a racist, con man and cheat. No breaking news there, but to hear Cohen say it out loud, for the record, was sobering. Cohen went on to testify about a number of other sordid details of their relationship and made it clear that other legal inquiries are ongoing.

Then, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un gave Trump his ring back, breaking their engagement and ending their bromance. So sad.

What’s really sad is the reality that this is where we are in America in 2019: We have a president with no conscience, morals or ethics. A Congress that protects him at every turn at the expense of our democracy. Americans divided by the constant barrage of lies coming from the executive branch.

Here’s a news flash: Yes, Michael Cohen is a convicted liar. He lied to protect his boss, Donald Trump. Too bad only one of them is going to jail. At least for now.

Scott D. Roby


Insurance plans

Kansas Senate Bill 32 would allow the Kansas Farm Bureau to offer health care plans to its members. Monday, The Star’s editorial board called the bill “junk.” (7A, “A junk argument for junk insurance”)

The Star apparently doesn’t believe that members who don’t have group coverage, aren’t eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act and pay up to $40,000 per year in premiums and deductibles should be able to choose the health coverage they want.

The editorial and front-page Feb. 22 story, “Kansas GOP pushes cheaper health plans despite issues,” gave the impression that the plans wouldn’t cover things such as mental illness, maternity care, prescription drugs or treatment for substance abuse because they would not be mandated. This is just not true. They implied anyone who gets sick would be kicked out of the plan. That, too, is not true. If the law passes, we intend the plans we are designing to include this coverage.

Calling the solution “junk” is like saying the farm members of Kansas Farm Bureau (30,000 members strong) don’t matter because they are asking for more options than what’s currently available. SB 32 would allow a competitive and innovative option for our members who do not qualify for ACA subsidies and have no other options for affordable coverage.

Ask your representative to vote yes on SB 32, and for more information on what the bill is and isn’t, go to www.kfb.org/kshealthplans.

Kerry Mueller

Johnson and Wyandotte

County Farm Bureaus

Kansas City

Real LGBT victims

I think most American church members have a live-and-let-live attitude toward the LGBT community. But, as is the case with many well-intentioned causes, radical leaders who threaten a position of all or nothing — every demand must be met immediately, with no room for compromise — have taken over the movement.

Such was the case at Tuesday’s Methodist conference, where LGBT members staged “shout-ins,” with no alternative discussion. (Feb. 27, 2A, “United Methodist delegates reject gay marriage amid tears”) Now the community’s leadership will incite its members to destroy every person, business, organization and institution that gets in its way.

Most likely they will stage demonstrations this weekend at the Methodist Church of the Resurrection, forcefully blocking its members’ entrance and staging shout-ins, disrupting services and causing people to leave their place of worship.

What these radicals and their supporters don’t realize (or don’t care about) is that they also will be destroying all the good this church does every year throughout Kansas City and the world: rebuilding schools downtown; providing 1,400 food backpacks per week for poor children, 160,000 pounds of food for Kansas City families as well as thousands of coats, sweaters, gloves and warm clothing for the poor and homeless; building schools, water wells and churches in Africa, South America and Central America.

No, these recipients of charity will be victims of the movement.

Gary Larison

Overland Park

So original?

In Cass Sunstein’s Sunday column, he wrote that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is an “originalist” who believes the Constitution should be interpreted as the “original public meaning.” (21A, “Clarence Thomas has a valid point about free speech”)

Why then is the Second Amendment’s language about “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” interpreted as the right to keep and bear a semi-automatic weapon with a 30-round magazine? This is not the original interpretation, so why have Congress and our courts let this get so out of control?

We all know the answer is big money from lobbying groups. This is a much more serious issue than the interpretation of New York Times v. Sullivan.

Elaine Hostetler

Prairie Village