Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: Here’s a way to stimulate job growth

I am a job creator. Twenty-four people have jobs that wouldn’t exist without me.

These jobs were not created because of income tax rate reductions. However, government could motivate me to create jobs in a way that wouldn’t break the budget.

It would work like this. I create a job, and I get a tax credit for doing so. My ultimate tax credit would be capped at an amount equal to the amount of tax rate reduction savings I would have received under a rate cut. That way, I benefit only if I create the job, and the state rewards me only if I create the job.

If structured correctly, not just corporate employees but everyone from nannies to gardeners to housekeepers could go on the books instead of being a part of the great untaxed underground economy. Real jobs would be created, and real tax revenues would be realized from those jobs. That’s better than the windfall win/lose outcome now occurring.

Paul Russell is a lifelong Kansas City resident. He owns a training business, ej4, which he began in 2003. He has two adult children and two grandchildren. He is a graduate of Ruskin High School.