Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss support for JCCC President Sopcich and liberal delusions

Chilling effect

I have known Johnson County Community College President Joe Sopcich for more than 30 years as a very honest and humble person. Being from a family of Eastern European descent, he knows what it means to be an underprivileged person in this country. (Feb. 21, 1A, “JCCC president’s candid remarks about student body end up on Twitter”)

Yes, just walk through the JCCC parking lot, and you’ll see mostly new cars. Or go to the cafeteria area or anywhere else on this wonderful campus, and you may not see struggling youths.

Back in Romania under Communist rule, we turned on the radio when we talked with someone in our offices or homes to avoid being be overheard or recorded. We have the same situation now everywhere in the world.

Sopcich is really supporting minorities and fighting for their rights. It is wrong for anyone to listen in on other people talking and to record and share it publicly it on social media.

Istvan Javorek

Overland Park

Free, not bound

It seems you liberals always say that we conservatives want to take food away from starving babies and people on life support. Nothing could be further from the truth, but you aren’t really interested in the truth are you?

Under your liberal welfare programs, all that happens is more starving babies are created. Why can’t you liberals admit that your welfare has done nothing but create more poverty?

You say we need to throw more money at the problem. Your system does nothing but keep families in bondage for generations. We offer them freedom — freedom to work and become productive citizens.

John M. Murphy