Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss ‘Non Sequitur’ comic, medical marijuana and help in I-70 wreck

Wrong decision

I very much disagree with the removal of the comic strip “Non Sequitur” by Wiley Miller from The Kansas City Star. (Feb. 18, 2A, editor’s note)

Yes, Miller committed a boneheaded gaffe. And the lack of any form of civility from the president is not an excuse for like behavior.

Issue a limited suspension or print an apology, but please don’t punish the fans by removing this comic strip.

Vici Simmons

Overland Park

Right decision

Thank you for finally doing the right thing in response to the often-vulgar vilification by many celebrities of President Donald Trump.

It finally took “Non Sequitur” cartoonist Wiley Miller using the F-bomb to cause you to react.

Gene Arnott

Overland Park

Downhill from here

I have read people extolling the “glories” of medical marijuana, including the benefit that business owners in Missouri could become rich now that it has been legalized.

So that is the bottom line: money. It doesn’t matter what happens to people who might use the drug for the wrong reasons. And it doesn’t matter that many of its medical benefits can be realized in forms without the THC that makes you high.

It seems no one wants to hear from experts who say we don’t know enough about what it does to our brains and bodies, even though it is a mind-altering drug. On Feb. 11, The Star published a letter to the editor from a former addict who said that most addicts start with pot, as he had. (7A) I have heard from professionals in the addiction field who agree.

I know a doctor who says we are going down a slippery slope. As for keeping pot out of the hands of those under 21 years old, how has that worked with alcohol?

Use your head to learn more about the outcome of marijuana legalization, even for medical use.

Linda Lockwood

Kansas City

Laugh it off?

While visiting my 98-year-old mother and four siblings in St. Louis this past weekend, politics entered the conversation and this question came up: “What are the funniest two words of today?” Answer: “national emergency.” We laughed out loud, because it is truly sad we must endure this.

Why do Rep. Sam Graves and Sen. Josh Hawley remain quiet about this hoax? And why do they think a wall will stop drugs and gangs, when our own government agencies say that the vast majority of drugs enter not across unsecured parts of the border, but through legal points of entry?

By the way, I have searched and searched for the international news covering our southern border invasion. I can’t even find documentation of this supposed massive invasion on Fox News.

Robert L. Steed

Gallatin, Mo.

Not enough time

After reading Tuesday’s front-page story “Tension builds as Forté resists questions about jail,” I have to ask: Who are the Jackson County legislators trying to fool?

These lawmakers have had several years to fix the jail, and now they want to put it all on Sheriff Darryl Forté to fix in just a few weeks.

Give the man a chance.

Bob Lampson


Grateful outcome

My faith in humanity and the human spirit is restored.

Our daughter, Jennifer, was involved in the 40-50-car pileup on westbound Interstate 70 last Friday. (Feb. 16, KansasCity.com, “One killed in massive I-70 pileup near Oak Grove. Driver describes scary experience”)

She was alone in her car. She realized she was still alive but was pinned under a semi. As far as she could tell, her only injury was a small cut on her hand, but she was in shock and scared.

She was stuck in her car for an hour, afraid even to try to get out. She remembers one man, Phil, who kept coming back to look in on her as he went from car to car to check the welfare of others.

Finally, Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, emergency responders and many other good Samaritans arrived and got her out of her wrecked automobile.

One trooper said a prayer with her, and then a man named Kevin — our guardian angel — took her to his truck, where he kept her safe and warm for about five more hours.

My husband, Mike, and I want to thank everyone who played a part in helping at the scene. God blessed us that day and will bless you, too, for any part you played.

As the saying goes, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Sherry Blyth

Warsaw, Mo.