Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss good Clay County government and Latino representation on TV

See me, too

I watch television every day, and as a Latino senior, what annoys me is the absence of Latinos in the commercials. I see almost none.

Latinos are consumers who spend money on everyday products, yet we are not properly represented on TV. We are not invisible. Maybe a show of our economic power by selective buying is needed. Latinos must take action for change.

Ascension Hernandez


Sound practices

Last fall, I was one of 9,000-plus registered voters who petitioned the Missouri state auditor to request a comprehensive audit of the dealings and decisions of our Clay County government.

I think good (or great) government is possible only through transparency. A neutral audit could obtain the necessary information and then make recommendations — without interference from the commissioners, such as the lawsuit they recently filed against the auditor without the consent of Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte.

Even though I am from the other side of the aisle, I expect that State Auditor Nicole Galloway is very capable of exploring the notes, minutes and directions from county executive sessions without compromising any county employee’s privacy.

The voters can assure a better future for Clay County — its financial stability, its growth and support for its law enforcement — at the next election. We can find candidates who are more in line with the Christian values and conservative views that the majority of Clay County residents deserve, with transparency from all county officials.

Ed LaBarr