Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Berkebile’s vision, Blunt and Hawley’s duty and KC weather

A local beacon

Thank you, Bob Berkebile, for continuing to come up with eye-opening ways to protect our planet. (Feb. 15, 11A, “Could KCI terminal be eco-friendly hub? Pioneering architect thinks so”)

Of course the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport should be designed to be astoundingly energy efficient. This is a big enough project that it could avoid a lot of deadly emissions, but it could also be a showcase for some of the green technology that is getting better and better.

What a feather in Kansas City’s cap it would be to have an airport that helps us all.

And what a draw for young, thinking people who are considering coming here.

Karin McAdams

Kansas City

Just one choice

Now that the president has declared a national emergency for his border wall, Missouri’s two Republican senators face a stark choice: They can stand with their party’s president, or they can uphold their oath of office and defend the constitutional separation of powers against this unprecedented, absurd, non-emergency power grab. They cannot do both.

Whom will they serve: President Donald Trump or the Constitution and the rule of law?

John Veal

Kansas City

Wait a little bit

Being out in the weather these past few weeks, I couldn’t help but remember a Star contest from decades ago, when readers were asked what they liked about Kansas City.

The best reply: “What I like about Kansas City is the change of seasons … on a daily basis.”

Donald Potts