Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump’s despicable critics, ASPCA ads and taking a knee

Hardly on Trump

I hear people say President Donald Trump needs to help increase unity in the United States.

Then I suggest those same people quit saying things such as, “He’s not my president.” Rep. Maxine Waters should stop screaming. Comics should start being funny instead of making fun of the president and his family. People should quit saying they want him killed or want to blow up the White House. People should quit showing a fake severed head of our president.

Need I go on? It’s despicable.

Don’t blame the president for your behavior. No other president has been treated this way in my lifetime, and plenty of them were disliked.

Bonnie Rutledge


Wrong visuals

I cannot say enough about how highly I praise the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The workers and volunteers are to be honored for their compassionate caring for abandoned animals.

However, I wish to appeal to them to stop the television ads showing cold, starving and abused animals. I have to mute my television during these ads, as my heart cannot handle the sorrows and tears.

I think a better visual would be to show animals in stages of healing and recovery to good health and adoption, as a testimony to the ASPCA. Commercials for St. Jude’s and Shriners children’s hospitals show sick and disabled children in stages of healing and recovery with happy faces.

Please stop exploiting the misery of our lovable animals.

Willa Pierce

Kansas City

History repeating

The GOP should hope that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the Democrats’ presidential candidate when she becomes eligible. She would be the Democratic Barry Goldwater.

Larry Livengood

Overland Park

Search for truth

Look around you. There is a world of great depth and infinite width, and it is full of people and things.

You are now reading this and hearing it your head with your voice, thinking about what I am saying. And what I am saying is this: Children should be taught philosophy.

Yes, I know what you are thinking: What is philosophy, and what would kids get out of studying it?

The country I have lived in and loved my whole life is now embroiled in a few too many culture wars, investing in far too many actual wars, and there is constant discussion on politics and the nature of truth — facts, news and “alternative facts.”

Now is the time to think about everything critically. Now we must educate our young people and train them as philosophers. It is the only way for us to fight for what is right.

Everett Woolsey


Take their time

It is good old-fashioned common sense to be leery of any politician trying to shortcut a judicial-appointment process that will affect so many for a lifetime.

Sen. Roy Blunt’s stunt to tilt the senatorial judicial process might stack the deck against a large portion of the population — or it might not — but it sure smells like a foul deal. The Star’s Monday editorial, “Democrats should say yes to Blunt’s plan to speed Trump nominations,” was shortsighted. (7A)

Americans like to believe in right and wrong. Keeping the judiciary system pure and strong takes work, as it should. Rushing will make any potential appointment smell like tainted fruit. Anyone standing in front of these cheap and easy appointments has already been denied justice.

Blunt supported the most recent addition to the U.S. Supreme Court. That controversial vote is the best reason to prove there is nothing to hide. It’s time to embrace the old saying: Time will tell.

Tara Hallmark

Dixon, Mo.

True disrespect

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt to protest racial injustice and can’t get a contract because the president claimed he was disrespectful to the country and pressured the NFL to insist players stand to pledge allegiance to a flag.

Late last year, San Francisco’s Reuben Foster was arrested on domestic-abuse charges, got cut from his team, and two days later had a contract with another team. Also last year, Kareem Hunt was released from the Kansas City Chiefs for assaulting a woman. Now he has a new contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Where’s the president’s outrage over domestic abuse? Is a piece of cloth more important than a human woman?

Maybe we should stop blaming violent movies and video games and look at the message the NFL and president are sending to the American people.

Rebecca Onken

Lee’s Summit