Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss ‘middle ground’ on abortion, snow removal and police backlog

Don’t go together

Conservative Christians in the Missouri legislature (and all over our country) love to sanctimoniously lecture everyone about their pro-life views and protecting life. Sunday’s front-page story, “Missouri Republicans file flurry of anti-abortion bills,” discusses a group called the Conservative Caucus, comprising six state senators who wish to translate their own personal (and religious) agendas to the Missouri law books.

Conservatives say they want the time-honored and oft-repeated “less government” — except, of course, when it comes to a woman’s body. Then they want lots of government interference to strictly curb abortion, while opposing regulations on guns.

You can’t be pro-life when you are advocating for weapons that end life.

Susie Fairley


No middle ground

The Star’s Sunday editorial, “In red and blue states, abortion extremists and powerful lobbies extend a war without end,” implied that a compromise is desirable in the abortion war. (22A)

How can one compromise when abortion violates the right to life, a cardinal moral principle guaranteed by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights? In addition, it is a violation of natural law.

Where is there room for compromise in this life-or-death issue?

George J. McLiney Jr.


Streets unclear

I am writing to express my frustration with Kansas City’s snow and ice removal services. I was a private snow removal contractor for more than 10 years, so I know this is a problem with management, not the plow drivers.

Perhaps City Manager Troy Schulte should replace his public works director with one from the Kansas side. They know how to get it done there.

The ridiculous ordinance requiring homeowners to clear their sidewalks should be repealed, since the city is unable to take care of its roads. An alternative would be to allow homeowner associations to request competitive bids to manage their own snow-removal and trash services, eliminating the city’s two-bag rule for trash. All expenses associated with privatization of these services could be credited to homeowners’ property taxes. The city would still be responsible for curbs, sidewalks and road repairs. The pothole problem this year is the worst in some time.

I saw a news report about a motorcycle rider in Los Angeles who suffered a brain injury after hitting a pothole and was awarded $6 million from the city. I hope it won’t take a lawsuit here to get our city staff to wake up and do its job.

John O’Connor

Kansas City

Real trickle-down

We need Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley to stand up for Missouri families and ensure we do not have another government shutdown. We don’t need a border wall as much as we need jobs and money to pay our living expenses.

I personally know 10 families experiencing difficult times because of the recent partial shutdown. Their lack of income has also affected small businesses such as day cares, restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment venues.

I urge my elected officials to walk their talk. Do not continue to put families, businesses, our state and the country in jeopardy of financial collapse.

When the GOP was in the majority, it did not pass a bill to fund the border wall. Instead, it cut programs and gave tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations. Maybe those tax breaks should be rescinded, and then Republicans would be able to pay for the wall.

Blunt and Hawley need to quit passing the buck and acknowledge their part in this travesty against the Missourians they represent. No more shutdowns.

Kim Stanton

Kansas City

Gift to crime

The Star has shined a light on a couple of areas of our policing that need immediate attention. (Feb. 8, 4A, “Newly released KCPD reports show 149 mishandled child rape, abuse cases”)

It seems that the Kansas City Police Department doesn’t effectively pursue cold cases. So, if a case isn’t solved in the first few months, it’s shelved, letting the offender go on to commit more and more violent crimes? That would appear to be a big factor in our continued high violent crime rate.

The Star informs us that detectives’ caseloads have often been ridiculously high, such as one detective working on 80 cases a month. Seriously? How does one even attempt to investigate 80 cases at once? And we also discover that several detectives appear to be utterly incompetent yet remain on the force.

It’s obvious the police department is poorly managed and possibly in serious need of additional funding. Who among our civic leaders will take the lead in pushing for solutions to these obvious problems? While repeat violent offenders continue to roam our streets, solutions cannot come quickly enough.

Hey, you civic leaders, don’t you think more businesses would come to Kansas City if they didn’t fear their valued employees being killed in a drive-by?

Let’s find the funds to fix these problems now. Lives depend on it.

Jay MowBray

Kansas City