Letters to the Editor

Letters:Readers discuss the dangers of texting and driving and marijuana’s addictiveness

Phones down, now

Our daughter is head of emergency-room nursing at a major hospital in Springfield, Mo. Recently, a former co-worker, a popular nurse in her mid-50s, attended a visitation for a deceased acquaintance. While walking back to her car, this woman was struck and killed by a car driven by an 18-year-old woman.

This was a devastating experience for everyone working in this hospital’s ER, made worse when authorities determined that the teenager had been texting when she struck and killed the nurse.

Texting while driving has reached epidemic proportions. I see it whenever I am on the road: a car going too slow, a car wandering over the lane markers, a car drifting onto the shoulder then jerking back onto the road. Invariably, the driver is texting.

I urge everyone who reads this letter to contact his or her representative in the Missouri or Kansas legislatures and demand laws with severe consequences for texting while driving. And when I say severe, I mean severe — loss of license, hefty fines and no-nonsense jail time.

Enough is enough.

Stephen Brewer

Kansas City

It starts here

As a former drug addict who started by smoking pot, I am sorry to see the obvious move toward recreational marijuana legalization. I am not against the drug’s medical use, but it’s common knowledge in rehab that most addicts started with pot.

I don’t believe it is not addictive. I was talking to an Uber driver who said he has been smoking pot since he was 15, and he is now 60. So is he addicted?

Wake up people. This is not some unproven disaster like climate change.

Alan Allio