Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Missouri’s flawed gas tax plan and Roy Blunt’s bad Russia vote

Keep it alone

We saw the news in the headline on the front page of The Star on Thursday: “Gov. Parson looks to borrow millions after rejection of gas tax.”

Just whose fault was it that this tax was rejected?

I wonder: If the gas tax had been a separate item to vote on, instead of sandwiched in with a number of other items on the state’s wish list, would it have passed on its own?

If that tax had been a stand-alone item, I would have voted for it, as I have in the past.

This was pork-barrel spending at its finest, and it didn’t pass. Good. Next time present a clean gas-tax increase that isn’t mixed in with a bunch of other stuff.

Place the blame for the bill not passing on its promoters — not on the voters. We are a bit smarter than we are given credit for.

Carrol McAllister

Kansas City

Care to explain?

Given the continued and troubling controversy swirling around President Donald Trump and his fascination and support of all things Russian, perhaps Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri would like to explain his lack of support for the most recent Senate vote to continue sanctions on Russian oligarchs?

Blunt appears to be playing politics with the safety of our country. I submit that he owes an explanation for his vote and the rationale of what possible benefit he sees in befriending the machine of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Steve Peterson

Kansas City