Letters to the Editor

A WyCo court boon, obstructing Democrats and inessential federal workers

For representation

The Wyandotte County District Court has a newly elected Mexican-American judge who will work to diversify our courts: Judge Tony Martinez, whose father migrated from Mexico to the Armourdale district in Kansas City, Kan.

Please welcome the honorable Judge Martinez.

Lisa Amayo

Kansas City, Kan.

Blame Democrats

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer should adhere to opinions they have expressed in the past in support of constructing a wall on our southern border, and then vote to fund it. I have seen videos of them, and also of Hillary Clinton, in which they said they had voted for or would vote for a wall, or both.

What has changed? Donald Trump won the presidency, so the Democrats are doing everything they can to ruin that presidency.

The Democrats’ action in shutting down the government does great harm to the nation, and it is done for petty political gain. But it is typical of liberals to put party above country.

And by the way, every time Trump makes a statement arguably inconsistent with a previous statement, the dominant media comment on it. But they try to keep the previous statements of Schumer and his fellow Democrats hidden.

Charles Frisbie

Kansas City

Cut them loose

The stars have aligned, the gods are smiling and the wolf moon is rising. A month has passed with many federal employees off the job, so now is an ideal time to downsize the government.

Federal officials should take this opportunity to identify the furloughed positions that can be consolidated or eliminated.

It is never a good time to toss employees onto the street, but since we are told there are more job vacancies than qualified candidates, now is the perfect time to transition public employees into the private sector.

Steve Maurin

Kansas City, Kan.

Ready for more

I am a sixth-grader in the Shawnee Mission School District who is interested in robotics, and I am looking for opportunities in our community to learn more about them.

Most of the classes available use Legos or other types of toy kits, which do not inspire creativity or teach actual robotics skills. I am in search of a real robotics camp or suggestions on learning how to build a real robot.

In my opinion, schools are starting too late to provide opportunities relating to robotics. Elementary school-age kids have the interest and ability to start thinking and learning about robotics in ways beyond what Legos can teach.

Jack Zickefoose


I really tried

I received my 2018 Platte County personal property tax statement Jan. 9. It noted that my payment was due by last Dec. 31. The envelope was postmarked Jan. 7.

I mailed the statement and my personal check for $129.56 back the same day. On Jan. 14, I received another statement, dated Jan. 11, informing me that I was late with the original payment and now $144.04, including penalties, was due by Jan. 31. My original check was also returned.

I mailed this new amount back immediately to Platte County Collector Sheila L. Palmer — under protest.

Is it any wonder why government can be frustrating to many taxpayers? Are there any other Platte County residents who have experienced the same treatment?

Charles L. Beucher Jr.

Kansas City

Their own fault

It shocks and saddens me to hear that many furloughed federal employees cannot pay their bills or feed their families after missing one paycheck because of the current partial government shutdown.

Of course, I am sympathetic to their plight, but the statistics are horrifying: Seventy-eight percent of full-time workers said in 2017 that they were living paycheck to paycheck, up from 75 percent in 2016, according to a report from CareerBuilder. The personal saving rate in the United States was 2.4 percent in 2017, as opposed to 10.4 percent in 1960.

Many of our nation’s problems would be solved if everyone would take personal responsibility for their financial well-being. That means living below one’s means, saving money in an emergency fund for those “rainy days” that everyone will experience and systematically contributing to a retirement fund.

Hopefully, the government shutdown will inspire not only those who have been affected but all of us to ponder and act upon an aphorism that rings true: “You will either learn to manage money or the lack of it will manage you.”

Nancy Brown

Kansas City