Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Democratic Party puppets, rebuffing Trump and the shutdown

Seen it before

I watched all of the coverage of Tuesday’s presidential address, including the response from Democrats. Their reply was pretty typical, and for the life of me I could not see the puppet strings.

Ken Spader


We need you, Pat

Why is it that when the country starts to go down the tubes because of bad leadership at the presidential level, GOP leaders run for the hills instead of staying and confronting Donald Trump from the inside, where they are in a much better position to alter his erratic behavior?

I’ve lost count of the number of Republicans who have been fired by Trump or have chosen to leave office, and only then decided to speak out against him.

It’s a given that Democrats will oppose Trump’s irrational and dangerous foreign and domestic policies, but only when they leave do Republicans seem to develop spines and oppose Trump’s tyranny. (It’s too late then.)

As a lifelong Democrat, I have seldom supported Sen. Pat Roberts’ political decisions. As much as I appreciate his service to our country and wish him well, I do not support his decision to retire at this time.

Eddie L. Clay


On the record

Congress has the constitutional authority to end the partial shutdown by overriding the president if he vetoes a bill to fund the departments and agencies he has closed. If Congress is unsuccessful, at least voters will have a record of who prefers to serve in a Russian State Duma-like body rather than the U.S. Congress.

Margaret Caswell

Prairie Village