Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss criminal immigrants, Lisa Benson cartoons and switching parties

And that matters?

After reading the story about President Donald Trump’s TV address Tuesday, I am reminded of people who note that those who enter the U.S. illegally commit crimes at a lower rate than the native-born population.

Try telling that to someone who had a relative or friend killed by an immigrant who was in the country after breaking our immigration laws. I’m sure that fact will make them feel much better.

Bob Hurd


Keep on goin’

President Donald Trump is right about the need to build a wall to keep out all the bad people from south of our border. While we’re at it, we need to do something about the white Americans who kill cops and commit other crimes. Also, how about black Americans who kill cops or commit other crimes?

Wait a second — don’t forget the Asian-Americans who do the same. What the heck? Let’s nail and deport everyone who has done a bad thing or who has a family history that started anywhere other than the United States. And Native Americans should no longer be eligible for government benefits. They’ll just have to fend for themselves, like they did in the old days.

Yep, I believe this will fix all our problems, and those of us left will live happily ever after.

While we’re at it, let’s have an amen and deport all the religious fanatics.

Praise the Lord.

Leslie Christians


The same tune

Is Lisa Benson, whose editorial cartoons appear often in The Star, the print version of Sean Hannity?

James S. Skinner

Kansas City

No, not again

Like possibly the majority of The Star’s readers, I gasped when I saw the photograph with Thursday’s editorial, “This candidate for KC mayor appears to live in Virginia. Shouldn’t that be a problem?” (12A)

Oh, my goodness — Clay Chastain is back! And he’s running for mayor again?

Isn’t the national news grim enough?

M.K. Mustard

Lake Tapawingo

Distant relatives

I recently saw a church on Noland Road whose sign out front read, “Laziness and poverty are cousins.”

This implies they are related. The church’s leaders are entitled to their opinion, but I find it appalling that a Christian church would make such a public statement.

In Mark 13:41-44, Jesus tells of the poor widow who put two copper coins into the treasury, which the rich contributed to in large sums. Was this poor widow lazy because she had only those two coins to contribute? I think not.

I have always been taught that we should help those less fortunate. Please believe me, not all Christians believe as this church does.

Mary C. Gannan


Out of reach

I have been trying to contact Sen. Josh Hawley, to no avail. He has no email address listed with all the other U.S. senators on the official government directory. When I call his office, either nobody answers or I get a recording saying his mailbox is full.

Does he not want to hear from voters? Does he have a secret email like when he was Missouri attorney general?

Lynne Clock

Kansas City

The real change

I suggest that anyone complaining about Kansas lawmakers who have recently changed from Republicans to Democrats needs to do more research before voting.

No lawmakers who changed parties appear to have changed their stands on the issues. They simply said that their positions as stated when running for office no longer fit the platform of the party they were a member of when they ran.

Clearly, those who are disgruntled about this vote along party lines without giving much thought to what the candidate is actually saying — and this is likely one of the big reasons we are in such a divided political mess.

I also feel a bit betrayed that the whole Republican Party is something quite different from what it used to be.

Some people sound as if they feel deceived because they did not know the positions of these candidates and want them to remain in lockstep with the powers that be in the party.

Do your homework before you vote next time so you can choose a candidate (not a party) who will represent your views.

Cathy Hess


Count us in

We need to eliminate the Electoral College and use the national popular vote in all national elections. This is the only way to have Missourians’ votes count.

Cathy Murray