Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss honoring the Chiefs, TV forecasters and flip-flopping politicians

Let’s celebrate

I think if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, the Country Club Plaza should keep its holiday lights up all year.

Hazel Laurie, age 8

Kansas City

The true numbers

After reading the guest commentary in last Sunday’s Opinion section, I had to wonder: Where does The Star draw the line at printing misleading information, logical fallacies and downright incorrect information from a contributor? (19A, “A fix for Kansas’ broken education funding model”)

In her attempt to justify the tax-diversion scheme proponents have cheerily named “school choice,” Olivia Rogers misleads the reader too many times for me to correct in a letter.

As one example, Rogers uses the debunked statement from the Kansas Policy Institute that “barely half” of state school spending goes to instruction, “with the rest going to administration.” Let’s use Blue Valley Schools as an example, from information easily obtained on their website: While it’s true that teacher salaries make up 47 percent of total expenditures, we see that the remainder includes student and instructional support services, operations and maintenance, transportation, food services and capital improvements. Only about 8 percent goes to “administration and support.”

Does Rogers think Kansas students should forgo bus services, meals, classroom lights and heating, safety improvements and technology?

This blatant repetition of easily fact-checked false information has no place in a newspaper, even when labeled as “commentary.” When lies are repeated often enough, people start believing them. A newspaper should not print false information.

Patty Logan

Stand Up Blue Valley

steering committee


Get to the point

Comments in a Jan. 2 letter to the editor about Kansas City’s TV weather forecasters were spot on. (10A) I couldn’t agree more, and I’d like to add a few leaves to the pile:

We don’t need four weather segments during a half hour. Maybe you can do the weather once and have a brief recap at the end of the news. Let’s see more news.

When you’re standing in front of a map showing temperatures over so many counties, please don’t read them all back to us. We can read. If you need to point out differences on both sides of a front, go for it, but be quick about it.

If you’re going to show videos, please lose the crawl or your logo or whatever is on the screen hiding what you want us to see. Well, that part actually can apply to all of the newscast.

John Hiatt

Village of Oakview

Not my vote

I have learned of four Kansas legislators who, having just been elected, switched political parties. This is a travesty. Kansans of their respective districts have been swindled by these politicians who cheated them for their votes. Those four scandals turned on the majority of their constituents and mocked the electoral process. This must stop.

These candidates used voters of one party to get on the ballots, won the seats using those same voters, then revealed their true identities once they got in. They were not elected by the majority, whom they deceived. If their true identities had been known, they would not be in office.

If an MU player changed into a KU uniform and snuck into a KU game, would he be able to remain in the game once discovered?

Voters, stand up. You have been abused. Why do candidates spend millions on winning your vote? Your vote counts. Those of you who are in the these lawmakers’ precincts, tell the secretary of state that you challenge the elections and initiate recall elections to rid yourselves of them.

Richard Valenta

Easton, Kan.

Way too soon

Well, The Star didn’t waste any time in demonizing newly-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. What an ugly and disgusting “Off the Easel” editorial cartoon by Dana Summers in Friday’s paper. (11A)

Furthermore, it is misleading. Pelosi has stated several times that going after President Donald Trump is not her priority at this time. It is the job of the House Judiciary Committee to investigate Trump and his associates, so can we please wait until we have something definitive to smear her for?

I’m a firm believer in a free press, but you certainly crossed the line today, and I’m embarrassed for you.

Catherine Hightower

Grain Valley