Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s letter and Jay Ambrose’s commentary

To the pocketbook

Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s letter blocking U.S. cardinals’ measures that were to be voted on at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Nov. 12-14 in Baltimore included the admonition that “the conference’s work must always be integrated within the hierarchical structure and universal law of the church.” (Jan. 2, 18A, “Vatican letter undermines US cardinal on abuse”)

Should such structural integration and oversight include the Vatican’s financial resources?

Jack Mayer


Attention grab

I typically find The Star’s opinion columns to be well selected and written. This is why I was disappointed to read Jay Ambrose’s defense of Fox News. (Jan. 3, 13A, “Fox News has much more to offer than its critics will allow”)

Ambrose is a biased writer who contributes sensationalized ultra-conservative columns that amount to nothing more than incoherent, unsupported ramblings. He has written other pieces with egregious headlines designed not to promote good journalism but to draw clicks from his conservative readers. One such headline on the conservativewriters.org website reads, “Fifty-four Dems lose their minds,” while another complains, “Campuses engage in PC overkill.”

His column included straw-man arguments against “liberals” and offered nothing of substance. In fact, this particular example reminded me of Fox News itself: lots of hyperbole with a deficit of facts.

There’s no reason to give this “journalist” any more exposure than he already gets. Star, do better.

Ben Wieland