Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump versus Clinton, Pat Roberts and the Liberty Bowl

A stark choice

I read Jenny Potter’s op-ed, “We evangelical Christians stand with immigrants.” (Jan. 3, 13A) I am an evangelical Christian, and I agree with what she says about immigration.

She also said that her opinion on this issue caused her to vote for her district’s Democratic candidate for Congress in the last election. I wonder if she realizes that the Democratic Party supports the right of a mother to take the life of her unborn child. This is a greater evil than President Donald Trump’s stand on immigration.

In the last presidential election, I thought Trump was a poor candidate because of his views on immigration, but I thought Hillary Clinton was even worse because of her advocacy of abortion rights. Ending someone’s life is a greater evil than excluding someone from entering a country. I voted for Trump because that seemed to be the only way to keep Clinton from becoming president.

Christians are unlikely to find a candidate who agrees with us on all issues, so usually the best we can do is vote for the one who is the least evil.

Clyde Herrin

Bonner Springs

Look to Roberts

Thursday’s front-page story, “Wall divides leaders on shutdown’s 12th day,” made me realize that our lawmakers need to model Sen. Pat Roberts’ approach to lawmaking: traditional, bipartisan building of consensus through compromise when appropriate.

If our Founding Fathers, who held opinions that were the polar opposites of one another’s on many subjects, had not embraced Roberts’ methods, we wouldn’t even have a Constitution.

Thank you, Sen. Roberts, for your old-school approach to policymaking.

Lisa Benge


Real-world effects

I find it incredible that our Congress and our president cannot come up with a solution to a problem they created in the first place — President Donald Trump especially.

I am a federal employee who had been laid off in early December with the expectation of returning to work Jan. 2. As I write this letter, we are in the 13th day of the shutdown, and I am being affected.

Many of the other 800,000 affected federal employees are in much worse shape than I, but no one seems to really care about them. Some probably can’t make their rent or house payments, pay other bills and so on, but let’s not worry about those people. “Most of the people not getting paid are Democrats,” tweeted Trump.

I would love to see the members of Congress, along with administration officials, take the same hit these federal employees are facing. Sure, the employees who are actually working will in all likelihood get reimbursed, and perhaps those furloughed will also. But others such as myself are being denied the opportunity to work simply for the sake of stupidity.

Enough, enough, enough.

Robert M. Carey


Cheers to MU

On behalf of all the members of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Festival Association, the staff of the Liberty Bowl and our community volunteers, we want to thank and congratulate the University of Missouri. We enjoyed hosting the Tigers, their wonderful fans and the Southeastern Conference at the 60th annual Liberty Bowl.

With the leadership of Chancellor Alexander Cartwright, athletic director Jim Sterk and coach Barry Odom, Mizzou has a bright future both on and off the football field. We were proud to host the team in the Liberty Bowl for the first time since 1980. The Tigers and their fans demonstrated great excitement, enthusiasm and class during a memorable week.

The Liberty Bowl has a long history and tradition of showcasing many of college football’s greatest teams, players and coaches over the past 60 years. We are proud that Outstanding Offensive Player Award recipient Drew Lock, Outstanding Defensive Player Award recipient Cam Hilton, coach Odom and the entire 2018 Mizzou football team are now a part of the Liberty Bowl’s rich legacy.

Steve Ehrhart

Executive director

AutoZone Liberty Bowl


Walls work

A physical barrier along our southern border is not an engineering or logistical challenge. Compared with the economic cost of illegal immigrantion, a wall is cost-effective.

Other than meeting a need for short-term workers in the agriculture industry, those immigrants provide little economic value and undercut American lower-class workers.

Border walls have worked for generations. Hadrian’s Wall across Britain served its purpose. Israel’s West Bank barrier and Hungary’s border barrier have proved nearly 100 percent successful.

Have no doubt that an invasion of the United States is under way by foreign nationals. Claims made by Democrats that walls don’t work are simply short-sighted political disinformation.

Gregory Bontrager