Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss why we need a wall, box office receipts and taxpayer tech

Just stay away

The deaths of two migrant Guatemalan children while in U.S. border authorities’ custody are sad. (Dec. 27, 9A, “2 deaths raise questions about US border agency”) But I’m sure all the elements they endured getting to the U.S. border had some bearing on their getting sick.

They should have stayed home to begin with. The kids probably already had something wrong with them.

This is why we need a barbed wire fence or a wall on our southern border: to keep them all out of the United States.

Stay home. We’re not trying to bombard their countries.

Janet K. Thomas


Audiences change

Sherri Moore made an incisive observation about box office costs and attendance in the Dec. 27 letters to the editor. (12A) I can report that while box office revenues indeed set a record in 2018, attendance in North America was far from a record.

However, it is going to be (projecting forward a few days based on current trends) considerably better than 2017. When year-end attendance is reported in a few weeks, it should be up between 3.5 and 4.5 percent. The range depends on the fourth-quarter ticket price average. That information is collected by the National Association of Theatre Owners and published quarterly.

Pricing depends significantly on how geographically concentrated attendance is, because some films do better in markets where the pricing structures are different from others. Another factor is the attendance generated by premium-pricing venues and 3D showings, which command higher ticket prices and thus tend to lower attendance.

We will near 1.3 billion in attendance for 2018, down from 2002 when it hit 1.5 billion. A significant part of the change is due to demographic changes that affect frequency of attendance as people age, a consequence of the baby boom after World War II.

Douglas Stone


Box Office Analyst

Mission Hills

Bitter repayment

President Donald Trump’s recent decision to withdraw our troops from Syria exposes his worldview, sense of loyalty and lack of morality. He made this decision after a phone call to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has threatened to attack the Syrian Democratic Forces — the Kurdish militia who carried out most of the ground fighting against ISIS. These Kurds are Christians who are now in grave danger after fighting to help protect Americans.

Not only is Trump abandoning these brave fighters, but his State Department has proposed to sell the Turkish president $3.5 billion of military equipment to slaughter them.

Please call your representatives in Congress. The country is going down a dangerous road.

Lesa Santoro

Kansas City

Tech difficulties

Jackson County needs to make serious improvements to its website, which supposedly allows you to pay your real estate and personal property taxes online.

I was able to pay my personal property taxes without any problem. Then, entering the data for my real estate tax went OK until I was asked to verify my email address. At that point, the screen quit working and returned to the first page, blanking out all the data I had input. I put up with that far too many times and finally quit in disgust.

This might seem to be a minor matter, but the instruction sheet I received says you can pay your taxes late into the night of Dec. 31.

So this is my message to Jackson County: Do it right or don’t do it at all.

John Lee

Kansas City

Discipline needed

We are stuck with a “leader” who acts like a 2-year-old throwing temper tantrums to get his way with a border wall, and who is willing to cost our country billions if he doesn’t get it. And we have a vice president who sits like a lump, doing nothing to control this.

Most adults with children know that to teach their children these actions are unacceptable, they must punish them by putting them in a time-out (no toys or electronics) for one minute per year of age to consider what they have done.

Maybe the same should be done to the president: Put him in time-out for 72 minutes with no access to his toys — no tweets, no phone. Think of all the peace the rest of the world would have without his vile, offensive, outrageous tweets.

He claims he is a multibillionaire, so he can afford to build the wall himself. He should do that and bill Mexico instead of bilking the taxpayers.

He promised Mexico would pay for the wall — so why is it even a budget proposal?

Carol L. Neill

Overland Park