Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss rooting against the Chiefs and how black people see discrimination

Line in the sand

The headline on Vahe Gregorian’s column Thursday said the Chiefs’ Patrick “Mahomes needs to be even better in postseason.” (1B) He sure does need to be much, much, much better.

In fact, he needs to be good enough to win games without anything resembling a defense.

I will break from my norm Sunday. I’ll be rooting for the Raiders to beat the Chiefs and for the Chargers to win the division. I’ll also root for whomever the Chiefs play in the first playoff game. Maybe then team owner Clark Hunt will decide this is enough and insist on a real defensive coordinator.

I would have thought that after last year’s playoff disaster, the good old boy with all those years with the head coach would have been axed.

Neil Simmons

Bates City, Mo.

An another thing …

Two items on the Dec. 26 editorial page struck me as needing comments. (10A) First, a letter writer seemed to have missed the point of Toriano Porter’s Dec. 24 column, “Why was an African-American teen told to remove his hoodie?” (7A) In it, he cites instances such as one in Tennessee where white female mall shoppers wearing hooded sweatshirts were left alone while black teens were shooed off. That is the reason the family here felt it was racial profiling.

The second item amused me. It was Dana Summers’ cartoon showing a Democratic donkey pushing President Donald Trump off the wall. I guess since Summers and Trump blame the Democrats for not funding the wall, Trump must have given up on having the Mexican government pay for it.

Suzanne B. Conaway

Kansas City