Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Bill Snyder’s departure, abuse by priests and Mattis’ honor

Wrong by Snyder

I can’t believe that Kansas State University (which is my school for life after graduating in 1958) got rid of Bill Snyder, the man who put the Wildcats on the college football map.

Earlier this month, Snyder told The Star, “As of right now, I have no reason not to” return to coach again next year.

The whole thing was handled terribly by Athletic Director Gene Taylor and President Richard Myers.

My many years as a K-State season ticket holder are done, as is my financial support of my alma mater.

Max K. Roberts

Marshall, Mo.

Coming around

Some of us in the United States resist and try to dismiss the very notion of the country becoming a multicultural democracy. Granted, few if any others are attempting it.

And who knows? We Americans may fail in our attempt. It is certain, though, that this part of the world will be mostly intermingled with a vibrant mix of peoples.

As an example of those of us who resist this certainty, I will use my own 68 years of life experience to say that I have a wide range of friends who vary greatly in race, ideology and gender — the works. I have friends of 50 years and more who are Caucasian (my best friend is Caucasian), Latino, Asian, black and one Alaska Native whom I haven’t seen in a while. (Sam, where are you?)

I do know others in my age range — mostly white and male — who have a much more limited mix of friends and associates, and feel no need to expand that circle.

My point: Those of us who are racist may evolve slowly, but time and experience change everything.

Edward G. Bohannon


Out of place

As a Star reader and subscriber of 60-plus years, I must express my disappointment in the Sports section of Dec. 23. Fair and balanced journalism should not place articles concerning the K-State and Kansas men’s basketball games on Page 1B (“Mawien, K-State have no problems with Vanderbilt;” “Arizona State shocks No. 1 Kansas 80-76”) while the Missouri game report is relegated to Page 4B. (“Mizzou snaps losing streak to Illinois with 79-63 victory”)

I believe you have readers, supporters and advertisers on both sides of the state line, and the placement of stories should reflect that.

Personally, I am not a fan of NCAA Division I basketball and would be OK if all these types of stories were on the back page with the weather report.

Thanks for listening.

Joseph A. Saviano

Kansas City

Wall compromise

I urge my elected officials to persuade President Donald Trump to see reason regarding the government shutdown. There are too many people who are without paychecks this holiday season.

Trump campaigned saying Mexico would pay for the border wall, yet now taxpayers are being asked to shoulder the burden of building it. This wall will not solve illegal immigration. It might help, but not in a significant way.

If Trump wants to improve his ratings, he’d simply need to tie his requirement for a border wall with true, meaningful and complete immigration reform. Some polls indicate most Americans do not oppose a wall. But I’m sure most Americans do oppose the wall as a requirement to keep the government open.

I believe the majority also realizes the wall won’t stop or stymie illegal immigration but would be willing to fund it if there’s meaningful immigration reform.

Christopher Huckabee

Overland Park

Not that easy

It is simplistic in the extreme to suggest that “all you have to do” to stop the abuse of children by priests is let them get married, as the author of a Monday letter to the editor wrote. (7A) If that were true, no married man would ever be a child predator, and we know that is not the case.

I strongly support a married clergy, for a lot of reasons, but I do not believe that marriage is the solution to predatory behavior.

Kate Moore


Look in his eyes?

Finally, someone with some spine has dared to call out President Donald Trump. Defense Secretary James Mattis’ resignation letter was very diplomatic — almost too much so — but it still got across the point of his distaste for the Great Leader.

And what did Trump do? He threw a tantrum and kicked out Mattis two months before the date (Feb. 28) Mattis agreed to serve until. (Dec. 24, 3A, “After criticism, Trump pushes out Mattis sooner than planned”) Not only that, but Trump couldn’t bear to face Mattis in person so he sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to do his dirty work.

This only serves to show the true face of a bully: When someone actually stands up to them, bullies usually turn tail and run. It’s sad that the leader of the free world is so cowardly and buffoonish.

Timothy Earl Osburn