Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss police spoiling dinosaur joy, Hollywood numbers and the shutdown

Fun not permitted

Sadly, it seems the powers that be must always quash public displays of spontaneous fun and joy, as they did with Sunday’s “March of the Dinosaurs” on the Country Club Plaza. (Dec. 25, 4A, “Plaza’s ‘March of the Dinosaurs’ joy for shoppers but not police”)

The go-to excuse for police and authorities to stop such activities seems to be “safety issues.” Those in control feel compelled to have activities in public places vetted or authorized, which suppresses spontaneity and creative expression.

The police department’s action demonstrated its lack of insight and tolerance — seeing everything as a nail to be hammered. God forbid that the dinosaur march and similar activities cause civilization as we know it to collapse.

Brian McGowan

St. Louis

Not a magic bullet

A letter to the editor Monday said that if priests could get married, there wouldn’t be the massive abuse of children from priests. (7A)

Hey, guess what? Married people can be pedophiles, too.

I agree that men going into the priesthood should have a choice to be married. The pope could make that change at any time.

The church might attract more candidates for the priesthood if marriage were an option.

Margaret Kensinger


More needed

I am a Kansas City hometown guy who thrilled to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win 50 years ago — 50 years.

I’m still a big fan and extremely loyal, but I’m sorry — they have already caved. The brilliance of Patrick Mahomes can’t save a one-sided team.

I love the guy, and he gives us a great chance. But we’re three to five years away, with good draft picks, from another Super Bowl win.

I’m sorry — I really am — but we all know Mahomes can’t do it himself. And especially not with this sorry defense.

I’ve been watching too long not to believe my eyes. My eyes see what they want to see, but sometimes they see the truth.

David Coulson

Elgin, Ill.

Count them up

The Dec. 25 story, “Hollywood has record year at the box office,” doesn’t necessarily tell me that a greater number of people went to the movies this year.

I see that $11.8 billion was spent by moviegoers. Does that mean more people went — or that the ticket prices just went up to an outrageous price?

I would much rather see the actual number of moviegoers versus the money they spent. That would make a much more reasonable comparison with previous years’ attendance than the billions of dollars that Hollywood earned.

We often hear comparisons between how much movies today make and the performance of those 10 years ago. That is not a fair contrast in my book, since ticket prices rise every year.

Counting attendance is a much fairer way to gauge how a movie does.

Sherri Moore


The way it is

President Donald Trump reportedly took offense at Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ resignation letter. (Dec. 24, 3A, “After criticism, Trump pushes out Mattis sooner than planned”)

What I find offensive as a former government employee is Trump singlehandedly closing down the government and ruining Christmas for 800,000 government employees and their families.

As an Army veteran, I find it offensive that Trump, who never served, needlessly sent 6,000 troops to our southern border for no legitimate reason, separating many of them from their families at Christmas.

I find it offensive that he causes those seeking asylum as refugees to be imprisoned, including children separated from their parents.

I find it offensive that, on a whim and against the counsel of his advisers, he is removing troops from the Middle East, leaving our allies alone and in peril.

Trump imperils our democracy with his continual attacks to discredit a free press as guaranteed in our Constitution.

I wish it were not so — but it is exactly so.

Bill O’Neill

Overland Park


According to the president, we have a serious security problem at our southern border. So he shuts down the government, meaning that Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol agents are working without paychecks.

Was this in order to force refugees to use longer ladders?

George Orwell would be proud.

Paul Schenk