Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Patty Prewitt still in prison and the Chiefs’ playoff record

Bring her home

I read Jane Prewitt Watkins’ powerful piece about her mother, Patty Prewitt, with great interest. (Dec. 14, 11A, “Please, Governor Parson, let my mom come home”) At a time when Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is examining ways to reduce our overcrowded prison population, cut costs and use our limited resources more effectively, the governor would be wise to start by granting clemency for 69-year-old Patty Prewitt.

There is no public purpose for Prewitt’s continued incarceration. The governor doesn’t need a task force to take this simple step. With the stroke of a pen, he can correct a 32-year-old injustice and reunite Prewitt with her children and grandchildren, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars the state would spend to keep her in prison for another 18 pointless years.

Parson should commute Prewitt’s sentence today.

Maureen Gorsuch

Lee’s Summit

Same thing again

The fourth-quarter debacle at Arrowhead Stadium last Thursday night reminds us that the Chiefs are 4-16 in the playoffs since 1970. In 11 playoff games since 1994, the Chiefs have won only one — and that was on the road against the Texans in January 2016.

The one common denominator in all these playoff games is the owner of the team. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: The Chiefs need new ownership if they expect to seriously contend for a Super Bowl title.

John H. Shean

Kansas City