Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump versus Pelosi and Schumer, Mahomes skills and Kareem Hunt

Boxed in

In his Oval Office meeting Wednesday with Democratic leaders of the House and Senate, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, our president showed himself as the immured tiger he has been since day one. (Dec. 12, 1A, “Trump battles Democrats over wall funding, shutdown”)

David Davis

Overland Park

Nothing to say

After watching and listening to the discourse among President Donald Trump, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, I couldn’t help but notice the mannequin in the room: Vice President Mike Pence. Silent. Didn’t say a word. Barely moved a muscle the whole time.

Later, after the conference, the only thing commentators could say about the vice president was to compliment him on his good posture and to mention he is next in line if Trump faces impeachment. God help this country.

Robert Miller

Overland Park

Promise to keep

The president says he is willing to shut down the federal government until Congress gives him $5 billion for his border wall. Our representatives need to show some backbone and remind him that he promised, if we elected him president, that Mexico would pay for the wall.

What point is the president trying to make by threatening to stop our Social Security payments and close the national parks?

We do think the wall is ill-conceived. But if he wants to build it, the funding is right across the border, as he promised. Simple.

Richard Hathaway


Plan ahead

In the midst of all that is troubling, it is good to know that Kansas Citians can be relied on to make the right choice. On Oct. 16, well-meaning developers appeared before the City Plan Commission asserting a plan for a new hotel was in compliance with the Midtown Plaza Area Plan, partially because of prior zoning. The commission unanimously and emphatically ruled that it was not.

On behalf of my neighbors and all area neighborhood organizations, I wish to thank the volunteer members of the City Plan Commission. This action was supported by a hall filled with South Plaza neighbors representing 1,000-plus residents. With the support of Councilwomen Katheryn Shields and Jolie Justus, the proposal ended.

Kansas City neighbors, staff and others painstakingly create planning documents to avoid the conflicts among developers, planners and neighbors. This waste of developer and taxpayers money was avoidable.

It would have been inappropriate for planning staff to wholeheartedly endorse a proposal that was not in accord with the area plan and in abject discord with residents. It is painfully clear that dialogue is needed in a non-issue-focused setting including the City Council, City Planning and Development, the City Plan Commission and neighborhood leaders.

Appropriate development following area plans supported by neighbors is vital to neighborhood and city health.

Keith E. Spare

Kansas City

Learn from Patrick

As I read Vahe Gregorian’s Monday column about Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ no-look passes (1B, “No-look passes add to Mahomes’ mystique), I saw four lessons for life:

1. Learn from every experience. Use again something that worked.

2. Adapt: He used what he learned from baseball and basketball.

3. Use your mind sometimes to defy gravity and logic.

4. Command your game.

My wife, not normally a football fanatic, was so impressed that she renamed the no-look pass the “Mahomes pass.”

See, we can even learn while watching football at 10:30 p.m.

Steve Burger

Kansas City

That’s enough

We all want the Kareem Hunt mess to disappear. (Dec. 10, 1B, “Chiefs’ words ensure Hunt case remains”)

Chiefs owner and CEO Clark Hunt is not a social worker. He is the head of a corporation. He dealt with his former player, and that is enough. He doesn’t need to grovel like so many do these days. Saying, “I’m so sorry,” while he kneels is not what I want to hear.

Kareem Hunt was wrong. So was the woman he pushed and kicked. That behavior should never be allowed. But the media want to shame anyone in power who ever made an error.

After the fact, act on it and let it go.

Edward Barnes

Prairie Village

Stranger’s gesture

Thank you to the person who turned in my purse at Target near 119th Street and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park on Monday. You are a very thoughtful and good-hearted person.

I will pay it forward.

Alison Pearse

Overland Park