Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Crossroads, Trump’s rough week and rising electric rates

Different record

Although worthy of plaudits for his military service, George H.W. Bush was viewed by the LGBTQ community and others as divisive and discriminatory while in government.

Running for the Senate in 1964, he supported segregation and opposed the Civil Rights Act. Like President Ronald Reagan, Vice President Bush was virtually silent as AIDS fatally ravaged the gay male population.

He replaced civil rights giant Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court with accused sexual predator Clarence Thomas. Bush also vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1990.

In his budget, he removed funds for AIDS drugs. He upheld the ban on gays in the military and opposed same-sex marriage and parenting. Although he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, he opposed other LGBTQ civil rights protections. He attacked the National Endowment for the Arts over its funding of queer artists and installed an acting chairwoman who defunded gay and lesbian film festivals.

Bush’s “kinder, gentler” America did not apply to the LGBTQ community. How ironic that he died on the eve of World AIDS Day.

Jeffrey B. Levine

Kansas City

A rough year

The end of 2018 has not been good for President Donald Trump.

First the Democrats retake the House, promising investigations into his corrupt and illegal activities. With help from old Trump friends Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen, special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be closing in on the president.

Trump stands alone in defending the Saudi murder of a journalist. He imposes tariffs on our trading partners, bringing financial pain to his base. General Motors repays his tax scam giveaway by cutting as many as five plants and 14,000 American jobs. He meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping to call a truce to our trade war with China but doesn’t appear to understand what they agreed upon. He tweets more threats about China and trade, causing investor anxiety that drops the Dow nearly 800 points.

And George H.W. Bush dies, and the world mourns a man whose legacy reminds us of what it used to mean to be a president.

Poor Trump. The world is being very unfair to him.

Scott D. Roby


Raising rates

The Kansas Corporation Commission closed the comments on a KCP&L rate increase request Oct. 17 and will render a decision Dec. 27. KCP&L requested a related increase from the Missouri Public Service Commission. It had vigorous participation by public-interest groups, which resulted in solutions that bear on the Kansas request.

According to a story in The Star Nov. 2, the commission approved a rate decrease of 1.4 percent or 3.2 percent, depending on where the rate payers live. This is in sharp contrast to the 8.4 percent residential rate increase requested in Kansas.

Both the Missouri decrease and Kansas increase are based on federal tax reductions, but Kansas gets to pay for a $33.6 million KCP&L customer information system that no one wants.

The KCC should reject KCP&L’s Kansas rate-increase request and require a new submission mirroring what Missouri approved.

Corporate greed can only go so far. How can a utility treat customers so unfairly?

Chilton McLaughlin


Honest strangers

Happily, I have proof we need to keep the faith that there are decent, trustworthy people around.

Last Thursday, I left my purse in a cart in the busy Lee’s Summit Walmart parking lot. When I discovered my loss, I felt high panic. Honestly, my purse is similar to a mini file cabinet and contains too much information for my own good.

I called the store’s customer service department. My purse had been turned in, intact, almost immediately by a person who chose not to leave his or her name. I pray this unknown hero will be blessed. Thank you.

Etta M. Fowler

Grain Valley