Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Republicans’ choice with Trump and stealing from a restaurant

Off the path

One thing has been surrendered by those who continue to support President Donald Trump: the high road.

No longer can Republicans and Christians sanctimoniously claim dominion over ethics, morality, honesty, compassion or the rule of law. That has all vanished with their defending and justifying an administration that represents all of our worst inclinations — a proclivity that chooses dishonesty, divisiveness, duplicity and disregard of what is fair and just.

To argue otherwise or claim outrage about these facts only shows hypocrisy and proves the high road is now the road less traveled.

Larry Morris

Kansas City

Dine and dash

Last Monday, my husband and I went to the Hereford House in Independence for a late dinner. There were football games on, so we chose to eat in the bar. While sitting there, we overheard a server’s conversation with another customer about how someone had walked out of the restaurant that night leaving an unpaid bill for $300.

My question to the person who did this: How can you live with yourself? This server assuredly did his or her best to give you the best service and nicest experience possible, and your reward is to not leave a tip or pay the bill.

What you stole wasn’t free. People worked very hard to give you an enjoyable meal, and you didn’t pay. Some Christmas spirit.

Do the decent thing. Go back, pay the bill and leave the server an appropriate tip.

Susan Sarna