Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss happy Chiefs fans, kind strangers and Sears’ retail woes

Cheesy chant?

We had the opportunity over the Thanksgiving holiday to visit our family in Gardner. On the plane and in the terminal, I was quite perplexed by something folks kept shouting, until I finally figured out they weren’t saying “Goat cheese!” but “Go Chiefs!” What a relief that was.

We here in the Puget Sound area wish the Chiefs much success in the playoffs.

Doug Shaffer

Anderson Island, Wash.

Silent generosity

On Nov. 14, my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at the LongHorn Steakhouse in Liberty. As a matter of conversation, my wife mentioned to our waitress the reason for our visit.

Apparently, the two people in the booth adjacent to us overheard that, because they congratulated us as they left. Then when we asked for our bill, the waitress told us the couple had already paid it.

What a nice gesture from total strangers. We hope they see this and know it was greatly appreciated.

R.E. Charles

Kansas City

Special Sears

In the ongoing demise of yet another U.S. retail giant, Sears, Roebuck and Company, it hit me like a Homer Simpson “d’oh!” moment: What made Sears special to me as a youngster through adolescence was the catalog — the Big Book — the spring and fall editions, the Christmas toy catalog and so on. How I wish they would come back.

Rise up, close the brick-and-mortar stores, or keep or embellish a new catalog store. Challenge Amazon’s dominance. I also like a local pickup so we don’t lose all human interaction.

Sometimes the deals in Sears’ Shop Your Way rewards program are so ridiculous I wonder how the company can sell at these prices, give me free shipping and still stay in business.

Joseph D. Bisig