Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Cleaver’s misguided knocks on McCaskill and a new Paseo idea

Cleaver off base

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is misguided and self-serving when he claims Claire McCaskill lost a winnable Senate race because she did not listen to African-American leaders, such as himself, who wanted her to more aggressively court urban African-American voters. (Nov. 24, 11A, “Democrats need new ways to reach black voters, but that’s not why McCaskill lost her Senate seat”)

Cleaver complains that McCaskill focused too much on the rural vote. As a volunteer for McCaskill, Hillary Shields’ state Senate campaign and other Democratic candidates in eastern Jackson County, I’ll admit he has a point. Claire’s “daughter-of-rural-Missouri” shtick had run its course, and I was flabbergasted by the weakness of her campaign literature.

But Cleaver seems oblivious to the voters McCaskill needed most: suburbanites. I learned firsthand that the suburban revulsion with President Donald Trump that fueled the blue wave has not spread to most of eastern Jackson County.

Years of Republicans demonizing McCaskill as “too liberal for Missouri” took its toll. The pure hatred of her that I found at dozens of doors was instructive. Also, her principled vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court added fuel to the fire.

What we got from Cleaver was a cheap shot from a lethargic congressman who barely campaigns and coasts on his safe seat. He’s a fine one to be trashing McCaskill.

Jonathan Rand

Kansas City

Simple solution

One synonym for the word “Paseo” is “avenue.” How about “The Martin Luther King Jr. Paseo”?

Douglas Rushing

Kansas City