Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a wrongheaded Star editorial, KU football and dangerous roads

She earned it

Normally, I agree with The Star’s editorials. But Monday, the editorial board was wrong in its opinion that Reps. Emanuel Cleaver and Sharice Davids should reject Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. (7A, “Emanuel Cleaver and Sharice Davids should support a new leader to replace Nancy Pelosi”)

The editorial’s reasoning is poorly constructed. It lists all of Pelosi’s accomplishments, which are enormous in the political arena, and then draws the conclusion that because of her age and the length of time she has served, and because she has to withstand Republican dirty-trick bashing, she should disappear as leader of the party.

We need leadership that is experienced and has earned the right to serve the party. We have seen how destructive elected leaders with no experience can be.

As for her reputation among Republicans, any leader the Democrats choose will be subject to GOP belittling. Therefore, that is no reason to send Pelosi packing.

Wake up, Star. Someone has lulled you to sleep.

Chris Kraft

Kansas City

Level the field

Without getting into a conversation about free speech and whether it allows for hate speech (which it shouldn’t) or even hate crimes (which it doesn’t), I’d like to state emphatically that not being offensive or using oppressive language is 100 percent more important than “being honest” in today’s world.

Are you a racist? We don’t want to hear your “honest opinion.” Are you a misogynist? We don’t want to hear your “honest opinion.” Are you homophobic? We don’t want to hear your “honest opinion.”

Because (and I’m happy to break it to you) those opinions are worthless.

Political correctness is not meant to serve you, the individual, with your opinions or even your “rights.” It’s meant to create a baseline of civility where those oppressed by a legacy of heterosexual patriarchal white supremacy do not have to suffer the immediate pain of that legacy’s terms of discourse — therefore allowing them to participate fully in the conversation. This is an important part in beginning to change that legacy for the better in a democratic society.

The drive to get rid of “political correctness” in favor of “honesty” is just a ploy to carve room for hate speech and to silence dissent.

Don’t listen to these people.

Nathan Smith

Bonner Springs

Let’s go, KU alums

Yes, University of Kansas football has been hard to watch the last few years. But this season is different. Not only do the Jayhawks have three wins, but they’ve lost four games by two scores or less. That means when you’re tuning in, you’re watching competitive football.

And yes, the team is 6-41 under David Beaty, but the team he inherited was in shambles. Now it’s better — strong enough to attract one of college football’s best coaches in Les Miles.

Friday morning for the season finale against Texas, the program will celebrate a group of seniors and a coach who worked hard and gave it their all every game. Although they won’t get to reap the benefits of what I think will be a successful era under Miles, they will get to run through the tunnel into David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium one more time, and they deserve to do so to a stadium full of appreciative fans.

So instead of Black Friday shopping, I’m going back to my alma mater to support a coach and a group of young men who never quit and, in the process, embodied what it really means to be a Jayhawk.

I cannot wait, and I hope you will join me.

Caleb Bobo


Hazardous roads

On Missouri 45 in Parkville just west of Interstate 435, there is a very sharp curve at Waldron Drive. I have been driving this route at least twice a day for 31 years, and every time it rains someone spins off into the ditch — no joke, every time.

The signage is too far from the curve and obscured by tree limbs. If the county would put a sign with a flashing solar light closer to the curve, it would certainly save lives.

A trucker killed two people on the curve a couple of years ago, and a car right next to me spun out one morning, almost hitting me.

There’s a second problem just 200 yards down the road where Northwest Jones-Meyer Road connects to Missouri 45. That stop sign is also covered by branches, and there is no double-arrow sign indicating you are about to enter a major highway.

In the past two years, I have seen four cars cross the highway and go into the creek on the other side. If the timing had been worse, they could have T-boned someone.

I have reported this to the Platte County Public Works Department but have had no luck. I am concerned for my life and the lives of others.

Frank Kampert

Farley, Mo.