Letters to the Editor

Letters: readers discuss Leavenworth County, the EPA and Paseo Academy excellence

Public good

Condemnation of Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp’s reprehensible comments about a “master race” has been appropriately swift. But let’s not forget Triveece Penelton, the city planning consultant at whom those hateful words were directed simply for doing her job, as well as the broader impacts of racist language on a community.

Members of the Urban Planning faculty at the University of Kansas are immensely proud of our graduates, who include Penelton and two Leavenworth County planners. Urban planners are problem solvers, listeners, defenders of social justice and advocates of vibrant and healthy communities for all people. Planners can also be the targets of anger, distrust and — as we saw last week in Leavenworth County — even outright racism.

Serving the public interest is challenging on a good day. Penelton’s significant skills and expertise as a planner shone brightly even in the face of the commissioner’s shocking statements. We recommit ourselves to calling out both blatant and subtle racism in society. Our communities deserve nothing less.

Stacey Swearingen


Director, KU Urban

Planning Program


Just a tweak

If our president continues to appoint polluting industry insiders to the Environmental Protection Agency, the name of the organization should be revised to the Environmental Destruction Agency.

The swamp gets deeper and deeper.

John S. Savella Jr.

Overland Park


I was invited to “The Wiz” at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts for my birthday celebration last week. The students and staff of the only fine and performing arts high school in the Kansas City area did an outstanding job entertaining the entire audience. I especially enjoyed the Scarecrow.

I want to thank Kansas City Public Schools and the school’s students and staff for their hard work and professionalism. If you haven’t been able to attend a performance, I suggest you check out Paseo’s website for future productions and exhibits.

Suzanna Rica

Kansas City

Continuing honor

There was an incredible ceremony Nov. 10 at Antioch Park honoring more than 400 veterans of the Vietnam era.

Those who could not attend the commemoration can call the Johnson County manager’s office at 913-715-0725 and request items recognizing their service, such as a 50th anniversary lapel pen from the U.S. Department of Defense and a certificate of appreciation from Johnson County.

Thank you, veterans, for your honorable service.

Al Fisher


Wise Kansas women

Despite numerous false claims by President Donald Trump, the 2016 election was nothing more than an engineered win. The will of the people was thwarted by the antiquated process of the Electoral College. Nearly 3 million more votes were cast for Hillary Clinton than for her opponent, but, sadly and tragically, he became this nation’s leader.

The good news and hope for the future comes from Kansas, where educated suburban women were not fooled this time. They came out and brought their voting-age daughters in record numbers to dismiss the divide and conquer the rhetoric of the Trump playbook.

What’s wrong with Kansas? Nothing’s wrong.

We’re all right, not alt-right. We are walking the Yellow Brick Road to common sense, democracy and freedom at last.

E.G. Bohannon