Letters to the Editor

Letters: It’s time to look beyond yourself to help the people around you

Is this so hard?

The term “political correctness” upsets many, but not me. I view it as being polite — calling people by what they want to be called, not saying things I know will upset someone.

Being careful and circumspect in language has always been a sign of maturity. Political correctness just asks us to think about things from someone else’s perspective. Of course, there are people who go overboard. That happens with every concept. But that doesn’t mean the underlying philosophy is bad.

Just be nice.

Jeff Gerber

Lee’s Summit

Look outside

This year is coming to a close. Stress, painful memories, anxiety, commitments and depression seem to wear us down this time of year. As a college student who suffers with a rare syndrome, I know how overwhelming this can be. One way I cope is by volunteering and serving others.

Our world has fostered the idea that when you’re downhearted, if you focus on yourself you’ll feel better. My question is: Have you helped someone with such a willingness that you forgot you were performing a service?

Forgetting my pain for a moment while experiencing the joy of serving is a blessing. We all need help at times, and I hope we can all lend a hand in return. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

Spend your holidays with someone you love, and together serve someone neither of you knows. Encouraging others has inspired me to set goals and recognize my life is important outside of my selfish ambitions.

What happened to genuine human decency? Don’t spin yourself into a world of confusion. Instead, spin into a leaf pile and share a smile.

Whitnee Ice

Cameron, Mo.