Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss lousy Mizzou football, attacks on McCaskill and The Paseo

The MU way

After watching Saturday’s MU football game on television, I am compelled to say the Tigers know how to lose with great panache. The plain, simple fact is they sure don’t know how to win.

The game against Kentucky was another disaster in a long line of lousy MU football games. A good team knows how to finish a game like that at home. A mediocre team with a senior quarterback knows how to finish a game against a ranked team and with the lead under perfect weather conditions.

This isn’t a bad team. It is terrible. The players have no idea how to win against any of the 130 NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision teams. And who’s to blame? You name it: coaches, players, MU athletics — everyone.

It’s very sad, and getting very old.

Mark S. Graham

MU class of 1979

Fairfield, Conn.

McCaskill’s wealth

Thank heavens the political ad season is drawing to a close. I find fault with the commercials condemning Sen. Claire McCaskill for being a wealthy woman. Good for her. She would not get the same treatment if she were a man.

Her wealth does not come from corruption. She did it the old-fashioned way: She married it.

Jan Malott

Lee’s Summit

It won’t change

In 1949, my dad was transferred from Chicago to Kansas City. Dad drove our car into the city via The Paseo.

We kids have never forgotten the beauty of a city road with trees and parkway.

Our new home was a half-block off that street. It will always be “The Paseo” in our minds.

Rosemary Banta

Lee’s Summit