Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Claire McCaskill, I-435 work and Mizzou’s Drew Lock

I’m on Team Claire

I’m proud to have one of the hardest-working U.S. senators right here in Missouri. Sen. Claire McCaskill is a force of nature. She has fought for women’s rights relentlessly. She is Washington’s leading sexual-assault reformer, and she drafted legislation through the Common Sense Coalition to protect Dreamers and keep our government open.

McCaskill has shown that she stands for bipartisanship and works hard for all Missourians. She stands strong and gets results for Missouri.

McCaskill is tough. I wouldn’t want to get in her way once she gets on a roll. Lucky for Missouri, that means she doesn’t back down when it comes to what’s best for our state.

I look forward to re-electing her in November.

Natasha Brewer

Kansas City

Right on time

According to multiple sources, the sun will burn out in about 5 billion years.

That means the Interstate 435 project between Johnson County and Jackson County — by my admittedly crude calculations — will be completed in the dark.

Conrad Smith

Overland Park

Look down

I watched Mizzou football for the first time over the weekend. Drew Lock is obviously a talented quarterback with a big-league arm.

However, unless he vastly improves his throwing fundamentals by setting his feet, he’ll never make it at the next level. Missouri coaches: Do Lock a favor and help him relearn basic footwork.

John Shean

Kansas City