Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss an offensive Emmett Till comparison, climate change and politics

Poor parallel

I firmly believe in the First Amendment, but I do not believe it requires media outlets to provide a forum for offensive voices. Just what was The Star thinking when it published a letter to the editor equating the “victimhood” of newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to that of Emmett Till? (Oct. 11, 10A)

Randall J. Kietzman

Kansas City

Real alarm

The most recent United Nations report on climate change indicates that the effects from global warming will manifest themselves much sooner than previously thought. (Oct. 9, 1A, “Major climate report describes risk of crisis as soon as 2040”) The effects will become obvious by 2030, and if no serious efforts are under way by then to ameliorate conditions it will be too late to limit the extreme events that could occur by 2040.

Ignoring climate change or declaring it a hoax is like waking up in your house at night, hearing smoke detectors sounding and thinking, “I believe it’s a false alarm. I’m going back to sleep.” It’s that stupid.

I hope everyone can see how important it is to vote out of office the negligent leaders who are leading us down this path to possible destruction.

Richard Hedges

Lone Jack

Tunnel vision

After reading The Star’s editorials over the last several weeks, I have to wonder: Is there a single Democratic candidate that the editorial board doesn’t love? Conversely, is there not a single Republican that it thinks could be a qualified candidate? I don’t think so.

Carl LaSala