Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Bill Clinton supporters, the Founding Fathers and Steve Watkins

Words not OK?

I guess I missed it. When did it become impermissible to call a woman alleging she was the victim of sexual abuse or mistreatment a “bimbo” (to use a term from President Bill Clinton’s aide, Betsey Wright), a “narcissistic looney tune” (as Hillary Clinton reportedly described Monica Lewinsky) or someone who’d chase a hundred-dollar bill dragged through a trailer park (to paraphrase Clinton strategist James Carville)?

Jim Holmberg

Overland Park

Not just Yoder

Steve Rose’s column on Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas, “I’m a Republican, but I can’t vote for Kevin Yoder in November,” (Sept. 29, 9A) echoes The Star’s recent editorial about Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. (Sept. 26, 14A, “Hawley’s loyalty to Trump on Kavanaugh is a warning sign”)

Like many Republicans, Yoder and Hawley have abandoned principle by pledging unwavering loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Hawley has been unable to identify any issue on which he disagrees with Trump. Yoder votes consistently with Trump and proudly supports the president’s tax cut for the wealthy, leading to trillion-dollar deficits.

There was a time when Republicans claimed to support free trade, balanced budgets, strong international alliances and limits on executive authority. All of these are now repudiated by the Trump Party.

As Rose indicates, we need to be concerned about the nation. Trump being laughed at before the United Nations is an example of how far we have fallen internationally.

The only hope to regain international leadership is a check on an autocratic-leaning president. If Hawley and Yoder had read Federalist No. 51 by James Madison, they would know the founders saw Congress as a separate and equal branch of government, not employees of the executive.

We must elect people in November who will fulfill their constitutional responsibility.

Bond Faulwell

Overland Park

Leave him alone

Is The Kansas City Star for the Democrats? I’ve always thought it stood for neither party.

I live near Warrensburg and this morning read a disturbing article shaming Steve Watkins, a candidate in Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District. (Sept. 27, 1A, “Candidate overstates role as defense contractor”)

We love Watkins. Yes, he’s running in Kansas, but we usually watch what goes on in that state.

Quit writing bad stuff about Republicans. Don’t forget Republicans are who got President Donald Trump elected — yeah!

Donna Raines

Otterville, Mo.

A media creation

Dave Helling would like the readers of The Star to believe that President Donald Trump is responsible for our current gender gap. (Oct. 3, “The gender gap is hurting the GOP, and President Trump is to blame”)

I would like to offer another explanation. The mainstream media and their clearly biased, pro-Democratic Party slant consistently and brutally portray Trump in the most misogynist light to create and widen the gap for political purposes.

Helling said women have not been fooled by Trump’s inconsistencies. Amazingly, to this day, women have been fooled because of the lack of coverage and attention by the media to alleged sexual abuse accusations such as those levied against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison by his girlfriend recently in Minnesota. (Aug. 13, 8A, “Ellison denies abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend”)

Even Debra Katz, the lawyer of Christine Blasey Ford, argued in 1998 that sexual abuse accuser Paula Jones had no case against President Bill Clinton. Where is the outrage there?

Should we blame Trump or media that pick and choose whom to expose and condemn to advance a political agenda?

Michael Kalny


Senator’s duty

I am a constituent of Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri and a rape survivor. I am appalled at his decision to continue supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The senator’s dismissal of allegations of sexual assault and violence when it comes to a position of public service and a lifetime appointment is extremely discouraging.

Rape culture and sexual assault are ingrained in our institutions and public systems. It is time for change. Victims and survivors of abuse should be heard. Their stories should be considered.

A vote to confirm Kavanaugh is a slap in the face to all who work to create justice in our world. Sen. Blunt is letting down the state of Missouri.

Blaire Hines

Kansas City