Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss protecting children from harm and Claire McCaskill’s haste

Cycle of abuse

Victims everywhere. Abusers everywhere. It’s interesting how society chooses to ignore the critical revelations that have been exposed.

Children are naive and do not know any better when evil invades their innocence. Adults do know better.

Yet it appears the horror of abuse has become so common that it’s no longer even shocking to hear the revelations. The victims are blamed.

No one deserves to be victimized. No one is completely blameless either. Unless we recognize at this critical moment that horrible crimes are committed as we simply absolve the guilty, children will continue to pay for our indiscretions.

The current revelations give our nation the opportunity to make changes. Transparency is critical for any person seeking to lead a nation built on freedom and equality. If we ignore the revelations that have been exposed, we are as guilty as those who committed the horrific crimes.

We owe our children so much more. Transparency and honesty must be demanded.

Julie Whiting

Lee’s Summit

Mind made up

What does “Show-Me State” mean? To me, it means I should not believe something unless I have evidence that it is a fact. Apparently, Sen. Claire McCaskill does not believe in the Missouri motto, as she announced she would vote no on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination before hearings were complete.

McCaskill owes allegiance to her constituents. Unfortunately, she feels more allegiance to the Democratic Party. I guess this is why we have free elections.

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill