Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss conditions at Crossroads Correctional Center and Saundra McDowell

Knowledge needed

Thank you for “Riots, lockdowns, disease: Inhumane conditions in Missouri prison?” (Sept. 4, 5A) Finally, an effective editorial outlining to the public the sad and inhumane conditions at Crossroads Correctional Center.

In the past, the Missouri Department of Corrections had attempted to introduce some restorative justice measures into its institutions housing 30,000 offenders. But in the last few years, the department’s efforts have been punitive and retributive.

State Rep. Brandon Ellington or any other state representative or senator should insist on being permitted to visit and inspect the conditions.

Harold Johnson

Kansas City

Here’s the formula

Dear Republican Missouri state auditor candidate Saundra McDowell:

Apparently, you are unclear how to determine whether your husband and you can afford a five-bedroom, five-bath, 6,121-square-foot home with a pool, sauna and home theater. (Sept. 2, 18A, “Is this the best candidate the GOP could find for Missouri auditor?”)

Subtract all your expenses from your income. If the number is zero or below, you can’t afford the house.

It is has nothing to do with the former occupant of the White House, whom you blamed for your missed house payments, eviction and garnishments.

That answer is called a red herring — an irrelevant topic brought up to divert attention from from the original issue.

Emilee Rose

Kansas City