Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Kansas primary rules, Equal Rights Amendment and IRS scams

All on one side

On Tuesday, I went to vote for the first time. I did not register as a member of either party because I wanted to be independent and free to choose the person and not the party. Where is my freedom to choose if I am restricted by labels?

I was told I had to register right then for a party or I couldn’t vote — so I didn’t.

Why can’t I choose a Democrat for one office and a Republican for another? The voting system has to change to reflect the voice of the people and not the voice of a party label.

Antonieta Kilian

Parker, Kan.

Not why I served

Volunteering to fight in the Korean War, I put my life on the line for this country. Now I ask myself: for what?

What is this narcissistic liar and racist up to? President Donald Trump thinks only of himself and his pocketbook while praising dictators, maligning America’s security community and tearing down our first line of defense: journalism.

The world was once witness to these same subversive methods that led to World War II and the dictators who began it.

This eroding of our democracy is obvious to rational, informed Americans, but apparently not to Republican congressional cowards who bow to the king instead of the Constitution.

Neither is it apparent to those mesmerized by Trump, those who refuse to recognize his nefarious attempts to pit us against one another by preaching fear and hate. He’s shattered our relations with America’s longtime allies, playing into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hands. The question remains: why?

Formerly a Republican and a charter member of President Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Task Force, I left the party when I recognized where George W. Bush was leading the GOP. Now I’m frustrated with the Democratic leadership’s inability to communicate its message, and I wonder where I fit in in America.

Does anyone else feel this way?

William R. Park Sr.


ERA’s time at last?

Do women have equal rights guaranteed by law in the United States? Maybe. In some states.

Remember the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972? It had a built-in deadline, set by Congress, of seven years for ratification. But even after the deadline, states have continued to ratify it. In May, Illinois became the 37th. The bill needs 38 (although several states have rescinded their ratifications).

The biggest opponent of the bill, often credited for defeating it, was activist and attorney Phyllis Schlafly, who claimed the ERA would put women on the front lines of battle and force them to use gender-neutral bathrooms. She said it would lead to the breakdown of the traditional family.

Today, many women are breadwinners for their households. Basing higher pay on gender is archaic.

Women have continued to advance in the workplace but still often come up short on equal pay and promotions compared with male counterparts. I think it’s high time a 38th state step up to ratify the ERA, and we can see if a case can be made to overrule the seven-year deadline.

Kansas voted for the ERA in 1972. Missouri, you are among the 13 states that have yet to ratify it.

Marian Wilhide


… to pay Paul

Schools have to tighten their budgets, so students are expected to purchase more of the supplies they need. States such as Missouri offer tax holidays to purchase those supplies, thus reducing tax revenues. We then have to require students to provide more of their supplies. The students then purchase more tax-free items, thus further reducing revenues for schools. I’m not sure I understand this.

Lee Salem


Not our call

A recent letter writer said he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 in part because Obama said a marriage is a union between one man and one woman. (Aug. 4, 10A) He is upset that Obama admitted he had “evolved” on the subject.

Does he not think others’ opinions have evolved over the years? I know mine has. I still believe a true marriage was intended to be between a man and a woman, but I would not deny rights to anyone else.

It’s not for me or anyone else to judge. A true Christian would know that any judgment should be left to God.

Patricia Carter


Don’t fall for it

I just received a phone call with an “official warning from the IRS” that something was wrong with our tax returns. If I didn’t “fix” the problem by calling a phone number, it threatened a visit from the police who would arrest me for fraud.

Friends, I laughed because I had heard of this scam. But those of you who haven’t, please do not pay attention to these calls. The IRS does not haul people off to jail.

Be alert and fall for nothing that sounds fishy. These scammers send out millions of these calls a day scaring people to death. They prey upon the citizens of this country — especially the senior citizens.

Linda Katz

Overland Park