Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on elections, immigration, term limits

Important election

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country. The Republican-controlled Congress and the Republican senators are leading us down a long dark road.

They are against anything that does not benefit the top 1 percent of the country. House Speaker John Boehner refuses to put to a vote anything that President Barack Obama wants that would help America.

This is the “no” party. We taxpayers pay these lawmakers to sit on their behinds and do nothing except tell lies about our president.

They are trying to change our country back to the dark ages. They are against immigration, a jobs bill, raising the minimum wage and fixing our decaying infrastructure.

They have taken away women’s rights, restricted abortions even in cases of rape and incest, and taken away contraceptives.

The midterm election in November is the most important election of our time.

If we want to move this country forward and not backward, we must go and vote out these Republicans and tea party members. We’ve been paying them for doing nothing long enough.

They are a disgrace to America.

Donna Stone

Prairie Village

Porous U.S. border

It appears to me that any humanitarian effort on behalf of the illegal immigrants who are flooding our southern border cannot truly be called reform if it is limited to humanitarian efforts.

The root cause of this immigration problem is our porous border with Mexico.

To fix this problem, we must treat the immigrants humanely and we must figure out a way to eliminate further illegal border crossings. Immigration reform that does not secure our borders is not reform at all.

It is an open and expensive invitation to others to keep violating our immigration laws.

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill

Term-limit troubles

All Missourians are reaping the harvest of the sown crop of term limits at our state Capitol. And it’s not a pretty sight.

Without the leveling influence of some experienced legislators with historical knowledge of governance, the revolving door of term limitations has produced a crop of neophytes seemingly incapable of representation.

The chambers of the Capitol have become like a romper room full of children who, like all children without adult supervision, have descended into chaos beyond their own comprehension.

Indeed, we do reap what we sow.

Larry Kauffman

Kansas City

Affirmative action

Where is the logic in affirmative action?

I can only guess that the greater injustice is slavery, which was prohibited 150 years ago. If the greater injustice is discrimination, it was prohibited decades ago, and there is legal recourse.

No one alive in America has owned a slave or been a slave in America.

Affirmative action is present-day discrimination against present-day people to correct a historic injustice against people who lived 150-plus years ago. Will there be a future correction for the affirmative-action discrimination against whites?

Where will the corrections start and end? The logic of affirmative action is faulty.

Joe Needles


Sad civics lesson

I am a white man who regularly walks with impunity on Kansas City streets. The asphalt is softer than concrete on my bruised heel.

However, my adopted son from Kenya and his African-American friend were stopped in our neighborhood for the “infraction” of walking in the street before any curfew. My son survived his audacious refusal to be handcuffed, but his friend was cuffed before they were finally sent on their way with no charge.

This happened about two years ago, when Kansas City’s first black police chief took charge. We attended his first public hearing, and I hoped to teach a civics lessons by having my son and his friend recount the incident directly to the new chief.

No apology was forthcoming. Instead, the chief’s first words were, “Was a sidewalk provided?”

My son was also stopped by police and had his backpack emptied onto the sidewalk as he waited at a crosswalk one block from his bus stop en route to junior high school.

Will the Kansas City Police Department reveal statistics, by skin color, who has been detained by this selective enforcement procedure?

Doug Shafer

Kansas City

Green Independence

In light of the fact that a growing number of climatologists are of the opinion that the ultimate consequence of global warming will be the extinction of the human race, we need an all-out effort to switch to clean, renewable energy as rapidly as possible.

As a longtime resident of Independence, I am extremely pleased by the recent action by our City Council and Mayor Eileen Weir to approve a resolution to explore the feasibility of renewable energy options and of retiring coal use at the power plants that supply our electricity.

I commend the leaders in our city government in Independence for taking an important step in the right direction on this issue and for proving something I have long known — government can be part of the solution when we elect the right people to office.

Winston Apple


Razing Kemper Arena

Say what about Kemper Arena (9-11, A1, “Two executives offer funds to raze Kemper”)? Something not even 50 years old is historic?

That makes me ancient.

I thought it was an eyesore when it was built, and unlike good wine it has not improved with age.

David Zoller

Kansas City

Supporting U.S.

If you are tired of corporations evading taxes legally by moving their headquarters out of the U.S., then perhaps it’s time to do something.

Because politicians do not seem to have the stomach to fix the issue via tax-code disincentives, we the public can and should act.

How? Vote with your wallets and feet. Quit buying from companies that pad their bottom lines at the expense of all of us.

Patronize their competition — U.S.-based companies — and keep your dollars working for you here. Sell their stock and request that any mutual funds you have ownership in do the same.

Companies that move their headquarters out of the U.S. to avoid taxes may be using a completely legal strategy. But it certainly is not good for the country as a whole.

Terry Rodeghier

Kansas City

Taxes in Kansas

Regarding people cheering for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, my wife and I have found that our state income-tax rate has also gone down quite a bit over the last several years.

On the other hand, I found out from my sixth-grade grandson after he went back to school that there are 29 students in his classroom this school year. If his school had one more sixth-grade teacher, the number of students in each classroom would be about 20.

Ask the grade school teacher of your choice if this matters.

Please, raise our taxes.

David Schwartz

Overland Park

Asking for help

As a nurse, I have cared for bipolar patients. As a friend and family member, I have experienced the difficulty of living with a loved one and watching that person’s pain.

The disease so twists the sufferers. It is hard for them or us to grab onto help or hope, both of which are available.

I think that drug and alcohol abuse are often attempts by bipolar sufferers to manage a manic high without destroying the joy that can accompany it. They often feel deprived by a normal state, and then comes the dark depression.

The feeling that your loved ones are hurt by the constant roller coaster can make them believe that we are better off with the one big pain of suicide.

Let’s hope that they understand that we prefer the occasional pricks rather than the terrible, unending pain of their loss.

Please remember this and ask for help.

Karen Booth

Roeland Park