Letters to the Editor

816 North letters: Readers discuss SNAP needs, child sexual abuse and environmental facts

Protect SNAP

After just passing a massive tax cut for the wealthy, our congressional leaders now want hungry families to pay for it.

The U.S. House’s new Farm Bill would impose harmful new work requirements on able-bodied Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, recipients (most of whom are already working). As a result, 2 million people would lose all or part of their food assistance.

For years, the far right has been selling the insulting myth that people in poverty don’t want to work. Yet they keep enacting failed policies that enrich people at the top but create few jobs. They give tax cuts that produce massive profit growth for corporations but wage stagnation for workers. And they ignore racially discriminatory policies that have resulted in disproportionately high unemployment rates for communities of color.

But none of this matters to House leaders. They just want to push people off SNAP.

SNAP is a critical lifeline for millions of Americans just wanting to put food on the table. I urge Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Pat Roberts to reject the House plan and continue our long history of bipartisan commitment to ensuring that families across the country have enough to eat.

Jos G. Linn

Kansas City

Littlest victims

There are no words to fully express the horror of sexual abuse. Recent revelations have brought to light a horrific crime that has ravaged the innocent child since the beginning of time.

Children are the true victims of sexual abuse — innocent children who make no choices. Their naiveté is the tool the monsters use to defile the child’s innocence.

Sexual assault and abuse are wrong regardless of the level of the assault. Today, adult women are bringing to light past crimes that have caused them great suffering. This is an important issue. However, the sexual abuse of our children is the most crucial issue this nation should recognize.

Children from infancy to adolescence are victimized every day. We do not hear or see the suffering. Children pay the price.

Let us recognize that if women can so easily be victimized, what about the little child who is completely innocent? My heart cries for my girls who paid the price for the ignorance of this society.

Children cry every day. Children pay the price.

Julie Whiting

Greenwood, Mo.

Face the facts

Congress must start investing in the world we live in. We have only one planet. The polar ice caps are melting, and our actions have not gone unnoticed by the Earth.

I know science can be scary to some. But here’s a fact: Ocean levels are rising, and so is the temperature. Because of this, coral reefs are being bleached all over the world. This is a problem because they’re not only home to billions of sea creatures, but they provide a large amount of oxygen for us.

A rising temperature of one degree per year may not sound like much, but imagine you had a fever that got slowly and progressively worse. We sit comfortable at 98.6 F, but once that goes up to 100 F, we feel pretty miserable.

Now imagine you had that fever for years, and it was only getting worse.

Small things can be done on our part, but we’re looking to members of Congress to vote for the planet we live on and not for oil companies. They must invest in solar and wind energies, following the rest of the world’s example, so maybe America won’t be the laughingstock of the world anymore.

Kolika Kirk

Kansas City