Letters to the Editor

Letter of the week: A traffic ticket averted

Traffic ticket averted

Recently, when parked in a handicapped space at a Wal-Mart pharmacy, my car was ticketed because the hang tag was not visibly displayed. It had fallen onto the floor.

I had noticed that the tag was flimsy and lighter weight than my expired one. Puzzled, I couldn’t be sure I’d hung it up but wondered whether I might have knocked it off when lifting my cane over the steering wheel as I got out.

Resigned to my situation, I was ordered to appear in court on a specific date. I called the prosecuting attorney’s office for advice. I sent in a copy of my hang tag with an explanation of what had happened. The prosecutor’s office waived the parking fee.

Well, on a later occasion I made sure to put up the tag, but it again was on the floor when I returned to my car. So I am wondering whether anyone else has had this problem.

I’m reporting this issue to the Missouri Department of Revenue licensing office. Meanwhile, applying laminating plastic on the tag has made it stiff enough to hang.

Martha K. Hodson, 89, of Kansas City, retired after 17 years with the Jones Store Co. at the former Blue Ridge Mall. She has used a disabled sticker for about 10 years.