Letters to the Editor

816 North letters: Readers discuss Line Creek Parkway, immorality and time with Trump

Road not needed

Five decades ago, Kansas City penciled the Line Creek Parkway onto Northland planning maps.

The parkway was included in the 1976 Line Creek Valley Area Plan and again in the 2011 updated plan. This parkway wasn’t included in the 2011 area plan’s 24 “Potential Capital Projects.” The 2011 plan warned, “The terrain of the (valley) and its associated floodplains and steep slopes on both sides of the valley create constraints for the alignment of Line Creek Parkway layout as a 4-lane roadway.”

Line Creek Parkway, a two-mile stretch expected to cost $25 million, was not included in the April 2017 $800 million comprehensive capital improvements bond issue project list.

Families and businesses sprouted on the perimeter of the Line Creek Valley, and many of these families bought homes because they loved the existing forests and fields. Some report they were promised there would be no development in their backyards.

Now, in 2018, the Line Creek Parkway concept is obsolete and threatens to add taxpayer dollars to Park Hill’s cost of building its 68th Street elementary school.

It is time to erase the Line Creek Parkway from the Kansas City planning maps and to improve the roads along which residents and businesses already exist.

Bill T. Nichols

Kansas City

Enough immorality

Too many Missouri politicians seem to tolerate Gov. Eric Greitens’ lying and hypocrisy. He pretends to be an advocate of decency while actually being a moral degenerate.

There has been one sexual scandal after another among Missouri’s leadership. Perhaps this is why many Missouri taxpayers have come to view our our legislature as merely a rumpus room for fraternity initiates.

These politicians have not gotten the message that voters are no longer willing to accept Greitens’ behavior as acceptable. We don’t want our tax money going through the hands of such people.

If these politicians want to go into the next election as defenders of sexual promiscuity among the rich and powerful, they have only to sit back and let Greitens stand untouched.

David R. Peironnet


Programming note

I feel bad for those folks who spent $250,000 to sit at a roundtable and celebrate Donald Trump’s first presidential anniversary at Mar-a-Lago.

Maybe he should’ve sent Stormy Daniels to enliven the crowd in his absence, but I think she had a gig booked at a strip club in South Carolina.

Gerry Leonard