Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Jemele Hill, the political center and Emmys Trump bashing

Marx Brothers time

The current stalemate between the main political parties reminds me of the lyrics from a song in the Marx Brothers’ film “Horse Feathers”:

“I don’t know what they have to say/It makes no difference anyway/Whatever it is, I’m against it!”

To encourage conversation instead of automatic naysaying, I propose supporting the Centrist Project. It is a 21st-century grassroots organization dedicated to finding the silent majority of people in the center — Republicans, Democrats and independents looking for middle ground.

We were not always so polarized. Republican President Ronald Reagan and Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill compromised for the good of the country on the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

In our third branch of government, Justice Anthony Kennedy is at the center of the Supreme Court, a swing vote for almost 30 years.

Centrism will return power to the voters, where elected officials are accountable to the most moderate constituents and where leaders are more likely to compromise to work out public policy.

I propose that we all take a deep breath and step to the center. We need independent leaders who can bring our actors together. We simply don’t have enough vaudevillian hooks to pull them all off stage.

Sarah Shipley

Kansas City

How to do it

I could not be more proud of Jemele Hill of ESPN and our own Jeneé Osterheldt of The Kansas City Star.

I’m an aging male who has been fortunate to live long enough to see many life-changing social events.

These changes would never have been possible were it not for brave young people such as Jemele and Jeneé who are unafraid to speak out against social injustice.

Young people are our future, and these classy young ladies are prime examples of the type of people this country needs to stand up to bigots and racists who threaten our cohesiveness as a nation.

Forgive me for stepping back to the language of my generation, but I must say in all sincerity: “Right on. You go girls. That’s cool, and keep keeping it real.”

Eddie L. Clay


An inspiring life

Most people dream to have a spouse like the one I was blessed with: Stanley Anderson, a man who adored me as I adored him.

We were clearly a match made by God, who creates people for each other to uplift his work. And, oh my, what a joyous privilege it is to have had the honor to be Stan’s wife and work alongside him.

Together we improved the lives of children in multiple states, from the womb to college. One doctor on each end — what a team.

Stanley made his legacy as an African-American man who did not come from wealth. His life is a lesson to all young African-American men to know that they too are destined for greatness regardless of circumstance.

He served as the only black male obstetrician-gynecologist for Research Medical Center, one of the largest hospitals in Kansas City. He committed time to the underserved at Swope Health Services, which speaks volumes about his belief in service above self.

Dr. Stanley Anderson is a perfect example of a teacher and fisher of men. He is an example of God’s light in this world.

Tiffany Anderson

Overland Park

Pick your moment

Perhaps The Star should have a Page 1 box listing the protest du jour, since we seem to have about one a day. Having so many about so many subjects diminishes the value of each of them.

Very important events are certainly worthy of public acknowledgment, but so many is too many.

Edward Barnes

Prairie Village

Not productive

I was looking forward to watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday evening. I turned on the TV at 7 p.m., and there was Stephen Colbert doing his usual bashing of President Donald Trump.

I turned the TV off. Keep it up, Trump foes.

Lorita Crane


Focus of ire

I can’t support the violence in St. Louis. (Sept. 18, 6A, “St. Louis area sees third day of demonstrations”)

This is not a racial issue. If it were, I would support the protests 110 percent.

The guy killed was a heroin dealer. Good grief, how many lives has he destroyed and how many deaths did he cause? That should be demonstrated against, not the police for doing their job of trying to remove this sort of thing from our streets.

Quit breaking the law and think before you act.

Michael Smith