Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss guns on campus, Tyson in Tonganoxie and who is a hate group

Gun dangers

John R. Lott Jr., the NRA’s favorite researcher, tells Kansans not to worry about the new law allowing guns on campuses. (Sept. 13, 15A, “Don’t panic about guns on college campuses”)

This is the same guy whose notorious “more guns, less crime” thesis was discredited by a host of respected researchers for its deeply flawed methodology and conclusions. Among debunkers were the Stanford Law Review, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.

Lott again produced misleading information in his Star commentary. He wrote that gun-control advocates have been “unable to point to any actual catastrophes” associated with campus carry.

Let us point again to Northern Arizona University, where in 2015 a student shot four classmates with a gun retrieved from his car.

Or the K-State student who accidentally shot himself with a gun illegally brought on campus earlier this year. Or the Wichita State student shot to death in a dormitory parking lot in 2015.

These are highly relevant, even though they happened before campus carry was implemented.

The month after Texas campus carry took effect in 2016, a student accidentally fired a gun inside a dormitory.

Campus gun incidents happen regularly. They will be more regular with sanctioned gun carrying.

Ignore Mr. Lott. Worry.

Loren Stanton


Kansas Chapter

Brady Campaign to

Prevent Gun Violence

Prairie Village

When you hate …

I think one of the main reasons many conservatives are angry with the Southern Poverty Law Center is that the center has added LGBTQ groups to those being discriminated against, listing those who oppose equal treatment of LGBTQ groups as “hate groups.”

Conservatives might not like being listed as a hate group, but if you’re going to promote that any group should not be treated equally, SPLC is going to view your organization as a hate group.

Try looking at this from the perspective of the people you want to treat as less than equal. If a group were actually pushing to discriminate against conservative Christians, those Christians would complain vociferously. Actually, many already are complaining, claiming that the LGBTQ community wants to discriminate against conservative Christians.

I know a lot of LGBTQ people, including myself. I know of no one who wants to discriminate against conservative Christians. It just looks as if they’re losing something when others unlike them are treated with equality.

Jamie Tyroler

Kansas City

Tyson worries

Tonganoxie is rightly concerned about the potential for stress on its schools, sewers and wastewater management and air quality. (Sept. 8, 14A, “Will Tyson Foods play chicken with health and safety in Kansas?”) These are, based on the company’s history, valid concerns.

According to a 2016 analysis of Environmental Protection Agency data by advocacy group Environment New York, Tyson Foods is one of the largest water polluters in the nation. The EPA initiated a criminal investigation against the company’s Monett, Mo., operation in 2014 for a massive fish kill and pollution event. Tyson is not a good corporate citizen.

The EPA is under the “leadership” of a man who apparently does not drink water or breathe air, so we can’t count on the agency to protect us. The wastewater from the facility could eventually flow into the Kansas River at Linwood. The Kansas River provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of residents in northeastern Kansas. It joins the Missouri River in Kansas City.

If Tyson builds a plant in Tonganoxie, the problem will likely spread far beyond that charming small town.

Pam Sturm

Kansas City

Quality of life

I considered buying a home recently near Tonganoxie. Just by luck, I avoided becoming a victim of autocrats Gov. Sam Brownback and the owners of Tyson, who think they can hand down decisions from on high that will affect the lives of thousands of people.

Let democracy rule. The people who live there should decide the kind of town they want.

Robert Stewart

Prairie Village

Who benefits?

President Donald Trump has talked several times over the past few weeks about jobs coming back to the United States. He failed to mention how many of those jobs related to Trump or Trump family businesses.

An oversight, I’m sure.

Jim Kilen

Kansas City