Letters to the Editor

Chiefs’ Alex Smith falling: How did Star editors choose this photo?


On the front page of the Thursday sports section, there was a nice article about Alex Smith earning AFC offensive player of the week. I laughed when I saw the picture of Smith that The Star decided to run with the story.

I’m sure you had hundreds of photos to choose from and you decided to use one of him falling down. This looks like the play where he tripped over his own feet and took a 10-yard sack.

Nice choice. Nothing goes with a story of offensive excellence better than your quarterback on the ground.

How did that conversation go?

“Bring me a photo of Alex Smith.”

“Here’s one of Alex throwing a touchdown to Tyreek Hill. Or how about this one where’s he’s running for a first down?

“Not good enough. Don’t you have any of him in an awkward pose — something that has nothing to do with great play?”

“How about this one with him taking a sack?”

“Brilliant — let’s use that one.”

Brad Green